🌱 Illicit gamble on cherries + which house would half a million dollars buy?

Hello everyone and happy National Day of Dogs in Politics! It’s me, Sylvia, your knowledgeable host of Long Beach Daily—here to tell you all about print fit for what’s happening locally. Including updates to…

  • 🎰 Illegal gambling in North LB no longer exists
  • House sells for half a million dollars
  • Plans to build the tallest new building in the city

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☀️ But first, today’s weather:

Lots of sunshine. High: 87 Low: 68.

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  • Arco in 1785 Bellflower Boulevard.$4.95
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  • Arco in 6001 Long Beach Blvd.$4.99,

🤔 Aggressive urban wolves or regular Los Angeles County wildlife? vote!

We live with raccoons and opossums. Do wolves fall into the same category? They don’t need open space, have no problems building dens near humans, and are more visible on neighborhood streets. what do you think? Until now, 63.6% I think we need to learn to live with them, 27.3% They want to go and 9.1% Do not bother one way or the other.

Here are the top stories of the day in Long Beach:

1) he was there burglary call Monday in Prince Market and DailyLocated in 6401 Cherry Street. “She told officers that she saw three men climbing out of the building’s back window, and soon they started taking things out of the store through the back door,” one witness said. When the PD arrived, they witnessed one of the suspects “rolling over an electronic game machine.” While the suspect was on the run, the officers took a closer look and identified him as “Illegal gambling device. There was another couple inside. (Long Beach Post)

2) Can you buy a home in Long Beach for less than half a million dollars? yes! Wednesday’s menu shows that a A one-bedroom 529-square-foot building at 1922 East McKenzie Street. (patch)

3) We learned on Tuesday that Trammell Crow Residential had purchased a 6-acre property “from the Port of Long Beach for $29.5 million.” The parcel is located in Golden Avenue and West Broadway. It’s called West Gateincluding planned development Two apartment buildingsOne of them will arrive 40 floorsmaking it tallest building By taking the rating from the 35-story Ledcor Shoreline gate on Ocean Avenue. (Los Angeles News HQ)

4) In other real estate news, there was a report on Tuesday that The 14.19-acre estate was sold at 5900 Cherry Ave. in North Long Beach to a subsidiary of Blackstone, with plans to redevelop the site into Huge warehouse. ” The Planning Committee We will look at plans on 6 October. there No timetable yet To develop. (LB Business Journal)

5) Mark your calendars! The Long Beach Mineral and Gem Society is holding a rock and mineral show for two days. The Signal Hill Public Library The event will be hosted at 1800 Hill Street From 10 a.m. on Saturday to 4 p.m. on Sunday. the event Free for hounds of all ages It also features vendors, sweepstakes, and food! (Signal Hill Public Library)

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📆 Today in Long Beach:

  • Milton Witchner Collection At the Long Beach Museum of Art (11 a.m.)
  • Latinx Games Festival At the Museum of Latin American Art (11 p.m.).
  • Oktoberfest At 855 Elm Ave (5 p.m.)
  • Holmes and Watson Preview at Long Beach Playhouse (8pm)
  • LUIJAY + CMIKE At the Seville nightclub (10pm)

📓 From my notebook:

  • Please join LBPD In congratulating the 29 employees who were honored yesterday promotion party! 🎉 👏 Read more about the party. (Long Beach (California) Police Department via Facebook)
  • happy 3rd birthdayBillie Jean King Main Library! 🎉” (Long Beach Public Library via Facebook)
  • this week National Forensic Science Week At LBPD they celebrate by highlighting only a few of the Forensic Science Services Department staff 🔬 Meet Criminal Jessica Jordan! She works in the Controlled Substances Unit. (Long Beach (California) Police Department via Facebook)
  • Public Notice The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services (LBDHHS) has reported First human case of West Nile virus in Long Beach. The person, in his 60s, was hospitalized and diagnosed with a neurological disease. (Long Beach City via Facebook)
  • The city is looking for partners with qualified sellers for Leading research and evaluation for the Long Beach Guaranteed Income Program. Eligible organizations are encouraged to submit proposals by 11 a.m. (Pacific Time) October 6, 2022. (Long Beach City via Facebook)

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You’re officially in the episode for today! See you all tomorrow morning for another update.

Sylvia Cochran

ABOUT ME: Sylvia Cochran works in sunny Southern California and has been writing full time since 2005. She loves dogs, cats, and books, plays Best Demons (Don’t Judge), embraces social justice, and tries to live the 6:8 Micah Life.