10 Genius IKEA hacks we found on TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and Lifestyle News

IKEA is undoubtedly the most famous furniture brand in the world. Just how popular is it?

Well, in Ikea’s own words – it is estimated that every five seconds, one Billy’s bookcase is sold somewhere in the world.

And if you don’t know what a Billy bookcase is (or looks like), you’re probably one of the very few.

The problem with Ikea’s wide popularity is that your friend or neighbor might have exactly the bookcase you have—down to the color.

There is nothing wrong with that of course. But if you are looking to keep things within reach but want something different, there is something you can do.

It’s called Ikea hacks.

You will be amazed at how popular this is. There are many sites dedicated to such creative projects, and an entire subreddit as well.

As such, we went through many pieces from different sources like Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok to find some of the most achievable.

For the much-anticipated piece (we did one last year), here’s an update on 10 Ikea creative hacks you can do yourself in 2022.

1. Ikea Rast . bedside table

Most people use Ikea Rast as it should be – a closet. But its height, which is neither too high nor too low, also works well as a workbench. In fact, if you are looking for a larger bedside table for your home, it should have the perfect height.

If you find its original design too simple, it definitely is. Pine will look great if your bedroom has a similar look, but if not, you can easily paint it in an appropriate color or stain.

Redditor, MrReger513, did exactly that at Rast’s modified desk. He painted it black to match the bed frame, but his customization didn’t stop there. He also revamped the drawers by adding wood trim on the outside, painting the knobs black, and applying a straw exterior. Props for him for additional details for the black handle too!

Difficulty: ●● ○○○


after, after

2. Create a purrniture for your cats

For the pet parents out there, finding suitable furniture for your cats can be really challenging.

(We’re still waiting for the Ikea Lurvig pet group to return in Singapore.)

Meanwhile, YouTuber Cuteness has shared a DIY project that can help turn two sections of Ikea Hejne into a cat yard.

Difficulty: ●●● ○○


after, after

While the actual design may vary, what you’ll most likely need is a hardware cloth fabric. Chicken wire is also an alternative, but it does not offer the same level of protection for your kittens.

Here is a video tutorial on how to do exactly that:

This cat yard looks great if you have a large open porch or you can work well indoors too.

Quick video correction. Make sure to hang strings no higher than the circumference of your cat’s neck to prevent suffocation.

3. Play with the shelves

There’s a reason Ikea’s Besta frame is so popular, and it’s simple and doesn’t take up much of your budget.

Its simplicity also makes it appealing to an Ikea creative hack. For example, Hanviken door can help you turn an open shelf design into a closed door.

Redditor 2 kittens-in-mittens found a way to add a little more aesthetic to the Besta’s post.

Hanviken’s inner board is a thinner plywood, so I was able to cut through the middle easily. He allowed her to remove the entire board and replace it with rattan fabric. I finished it with 1cm wood pieces to frame the edges.

It’s a perfect fit now too, given the hay craze in Singapore right now.

Difficulty: ●●● ○○


(Images provided by Reddit)

after, after

(Images provided by Reddit)

4. Turn a simple bookcase into a compact bookcase

One of the most expensive components of any renovation job is certainly the cabinets.

While it’s certainly great if you have odd corners or spaces that you’d like to fill in completely, it also means that you’ll lose out on the flexibility benefits that bulk furniture can offer you.

So here’s a great solution if you want that custom look, but are looking to cut your renovation budget.

When Instahome_uk shared her Ikea hack on Reddit, the post received 1.5K upvotes.

I’ve creatively collected several Bailey’s book libraries and also used Oxberg door pieces to help hold the design together. People loved how the project ended.

In her own words, “I want to empower women to be braver with DIY where you can create so much with little effort and don’t need to spend big money.”

Difficulty: ●●●● ○


(Images from Instagram)

after, after

(Images from Instagram)

If you want to know she did it step by step, here’s an IG story shared by Instahome_uk: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17876480753226271/

5. Take advantage of shelf durability

Most Ikea shoppers know how powerful the Kallax shelving unit is. So why not take advantage of this feature?

Instead of just using it as a regular shelf, you can convert it into a bedroom bench. Its solid structure should be able to withstand when you sit on it.

This is interesting from IdealHome. They put Kallax on its side and added foam on top to make sitting on it more comfortable.

If you want to add some luxury to it, you can also use the golden longline feet underneath (which you can get from Amazon or Etsy).

Difficulty: ●● ○○○

Or, if you want to go further, simulate this unique bedroom cave that Alasia Ellis shares.


Here’s the tutorial you’ve all asked for!! (don’t mind my voice) #greenscreen #DoTheScottsSlide #bedroom #fyp #bed

♬ original sound – Alasia Ellis

6. From the bread boxes to the side table

If we were to evaluate the most creative hack on this list, this would be it.

Who would have thought of turning bread boxes into a beautiful side table? Most DIYers usually paint their side tables in colors that match their home décor.

However, this initial version of IG housenumber6 looks more like an original carpentry project than a hack. It’s a great addition to modern farmhouse or Scandinavian style homes (which are very popular now too).

Another thing we love about this hack is that it is very easy to do. All you have to do is use wood glue to stick the bottoms of the two Ikea Magasin bread boxes together. Next, just tape or use glue to attach the legs.

Difficulty: ●● ○○○

The final product is one that looks so original, that you can hardly guess that it was once two bread boxes.

We’d like to add a caveat that Ikea unfortunately does not stock Magasin bread boxes in Singapore – but we’re sure you can get them from overseas quite easily if you’re really interested in them!

7. Unleash your creativity with vases

This imaginative hack from Tiktoker kleinstadtcoco is unique and easy to implement. The basic materials you’ll need from Ikea are Luftmassa lamp shade and Cylindervase. The vase comes in a set of three, but you will only use the middle set.

Difficulty: ● ○○○○

The quick tutorial video below shows that all you have to do is paint the roller black and insert it into the lamp shade. You can also decorate it with different colors if you choose to do so.

One commenter even suggested the orange paint of the vase – in the style of Hermès.


SIMPLE IKEA HACK 😍✨ #ikea #ikeahack #ikeatok #ikeafinds #ikeahaul #ikeahacks #makeover #viral #fypシ #diyhome #einrichtung

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

8. From stool to luxury side table

Some people would argue that buying a new table is more practical than what is done here.

While this is true, sometimes it’s not about cost, but about fulfilling creating your own piece (and we’ve yet to see a side table at Ikea with this design).

In this Ikea furniture hack, diekleinebotin on Tiktok shared a way to turn a boring chair into a mid-century modern side table.

The items you’ll need are the Marius chair and the Glattis tray. Creating this piece of art involves removing the seat on the stool, turning the legs upside down, and securing them to the brass-colored tray.

It is very simple, and will match the decor of most homes.

Difficulty: ● ○○○○

Here’s the video for a better visual reference:


Ikeahack: Sidetable by MARIUS + GLATTIS ✨ #ikeahack #beistelltisch #diyproject #upcycling #wohnzimmerinspo

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

9. Create a mid-century effect

Here’s another Ikea hack that’s perfect for those with a mid-century modern home style or those with eclectic decor. This one is so easy to do that you feel like you’re doing a school art project.

Ikea’s Tarva 3-Drawer Chest of Pine Wood was the pick this time. Aside from the cabinet itself, you will also need scissors, glue, copper tape, and decorating tape.

Just build the Tarva without its legs, and lay it flat while applying the decorative tape. When you are satisfied with the design, replace the tape with the copper bands. Don’t forget to add the legs!

Difficulty: ●● ○○○


after, after

Here’s a video tutorial that Kristi Murphy shared on her YouTube channel:

Elevate your Ikea furniture with next-level creativity

Shared by experienced Ikea hacker Arin Solange on TikTok, this project was inspired by a $1,300 coffee table from Lulu, Georgia.

But instead of spending that much on getting the same look, you’ve spent a fraction of the cost – the perfect feat for any Ikea hacks DIY project.

Difficulty: ●●● ○○

The closest coffee table with a wood top at IKEA is Listerby in an oak veneer finish. For the base, Arin used three 14-inch trash cans.

She also had spray paint, craft glue, screws, and a screwdriver. In short, doing this hack involves spray-coating the cans and attaching them to the bottom of the table.

Here’s a quick video tutorial I shared on Tiktok:


This IKEA Hack was crazy easy and one of my favorites yet! #ikea #diy #diyproject #fyp

♬ original sound – Arin Solange

Let’s not kid ourselves, not every item listed here is going to be a walk in the park.

Depending on your skill and patience, you can use a simpler skill like #6 and #9. Or you can choose to use #4 if you already use your tools.

Either way, while the transformation your furniture goes through is the most obvious result of such a project, it could spark interest in DIY projects and savings!

You will definitely feel satisfied after doing any of this. And with your creativity unleashed now, you may end up turning this into a fulfilling hobby.

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