10 genius sockets from IKEA that have jaws on the floor

The best part about IKEA? Their furniture is very affordable. The worst part? Sometimes it seems like that. Now, don’t get me wrong: I myself am a big IKEA shopper. The Swedish retailer has mastered that simple, relaxed aesthetic that Scandinavians do so well, and at their prices, I’ll gladly fill my cart. However, if you’re going to pay $10 for a coffee table, you can’t set your style expectations too high. That’s unless you’re willing to put in a little work. It’s amazing what some new paint, new hardware, and a little elbow grease can do. There are unlimited IKEA hacks out there, but we’ve rounded up 10 of the really best we have. Let’s see if any of these ridiculously good IKEA hacks will inspire me to renovate this pair of LACK side tables found in my living room.

1. Custom built-in items from IKEA

Are you telling me there’s a pair of BILLY bookcases hiding out there? Yes, that’s the secret behind these gorgeous arched buildings designed by Elisha of our aesthetic home. Sure, building the frame and attaching and trimming the front of the arch seems to take a lot of work, but if you’re feeling ambitious, the results are pretty amazing.

2. DIY dressing table

Prior to the renovation, this dressing table was nothing special. Thanks to some wood screws, paint, and new hardware, it’s now a great place to get ready. Elle from @home_by_ellie cut nails lengthwise and threaded them across the drawer front to give it the fluted texture that’s super trendy right now. A layer of white paint simplifies the look while the gold pull adds some sparkle.

3. Glass display cabinet

Katie from @ouracaciagrovehome wanted the look of a high-end display cabinet without the $1700 price tag. She’s tricked out this BILLY bookcase with paint, doors, and a wood chipboard backing to give it that sophisticated feel at a fraction of the cost. With new parts and new hardware being added to its glass panel doors, you’d never guess it also came from IKEA.

4. DIY rope seat

This IKEA hack is very simple, and that’s its beauty. Inspired by a $1,500 retail stool, Ryia of the blog Kin & Kasa wrapped her IKEA SKOGSTA stool with rope after thread of cotton rope for a beautiful woven effect. Since the entire project cost about $100, I’d say the work was worth it.

5. IKEA Hairstyle Hack

The MALM wardrobe was originally flat on the floor and had a very dark look. By adding some wood legs, brass hardware, and a fresh coat of paint, Nicole of Simply Styled Home gave it the modern glow it deserves.

6. IKEA Table Makeover

IKEA MALM bedside tables generally perform at their best and don’t pack a lot of style. But add some texture to the drawer fronts and a coat of black paint, and I’m on board. This hack from @reinmart.interiors is definitely one of the things I would have tried if I had trusted myself with power tools (maybe someday).


Have you ever guessed that this piece started as a KALLAX 8 cube shelf? I’m still trying to make up my mind about how Starr from @liveandgatherco achieved Art Deco beauty. After the new doors were decked out with decorative and oversized hardware, she installed them on the front side, installed a plywood strut across the back, and painted everything a gorgeous shade of green. 10/10 implementation.

8. DIY grooved dresser

The DIYer behind @taylor.makes added a fluted pattern to the front of these drawers using a manual router. I repeat: I did it by hand. And now it looks like something from West Elm that I’d be happy to drop some cash on. Color surprised me.

9. DIY Storage Bench

This entrance seat? No seat at all. It’s actually a KALLAX shelving unit that has flipped on its side and is equipped with storage baskets. A cushion installed on top turned it into a comfortable place to sit and take off shoes inside the door. Pretty genius if you ask me.

10. TARVA Dresser Hack

This wardrobe from TARVA went from subtle and unfinished to totally stunning. The drawing from lonefoxhome started by painting the drawer fronts a light gray and covering them with raffia for a stick-on look. He finished it with brass hardware and ledges around each drawer to hack an IKEA hack that looks eerily like this $4,600 dresser from Serena & Lily.

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