10 outdoor color ideas for an attractive curb appeal

Published: Updated at – 02:27 PM, Fri – 13 May 22

Hyderabad: Your home’s exterior designs leave the first impression on your visitors. There are great color combinations that can elevate the curb appeal into a stylish and welcoming ensemble. Give your home a modern touch with colors that highlight its architectural style. Choose the right shades to accentuate the ceiling, balcony railing, and other clean lines of the property. When an exterior wall paint color combination complements the surrounding environment, whether it’s a lush garden or a stone pavement.

Using Berger’s high quality exterior paints not only transforms your home’s aura, but also protects it from damage from heavy rains and harsh sunlight and keeps dust and pollution out. It also improves indoor air quality and protects your loved ones from health risks. With these high-quality paints, you can enjoy a clean and healthy home for years even
Come. So, here are some great color combinations that give the exterior walls of your home a luxurious and sophisticated look.

1. Green and earthy mint

Green mint is soothing, refreshing and relaxing. Earthy tones like gray and brown are warm and reassuring. These two colors blend well, creating a natural woody environment. Give your home a unique appeal, with these distinctive exterior wall color combinations. Experts may recommend green for window edges and house shutters. Muted tones will highlight the architecture of the house. You can combine Bella Mint, Mint Frappe, Polar Ice or Dive Mint with tiara, top sale, duo mist or egg cream.

2. red and white

Have you ever thought that your home could make a statement that is both bold and sophisticated? This color combination does just that. Red symbolizes prosperity and wealth. You can choose shades like English Vermilion, Sundried Tomato or Rose Bush for the front door and roof, while painting the rest of the exterior in shades of white. This is the best color combination for your home exterior d├ęcor because it is subtle yet impactful. The wedding dress and the silver tiara create a striking contrast with the red. Consider textures like bubbles or lids splattered with Berger Ruff ‘N’ Tuff- Pearl, a polymer emulsion-based spray.

3. Yellow, white and brown

This is perfect for palaces that deserve a classic and clean aura. Pair shades like Sunswept, Tulip Field, White Sphere, Tuxe White, Dark Roast, and Smooth Walnut. These house paint color combinations make the exterior look as welcoming and warm as the interiors. Your guests will love sitting on the balcony and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere from outside. If pure white isn’t your thing, off-white is a great alternative.

4. Pink and purple

This is a mysteriously attractive and modern pair. Pink is associated with kindness and love, while purple represents spirituality and wisdom. These two come together to create a regal elegance. Different sides can be colored using Miss Mauve, Rosemare, Spring Blossom, Lavender Lass and Spring Violets.
Whether it’s a light shade or a strong pop, these exterior wall paint shades add a luxurious tone to a home. You can opt for Berger’s WeatherCoat Anti Dustt, which protects walls from rain, heat and dust and enhances the beauty of your home.

5. Yellow, blue and cream

These exterior paint color combinations are perfect for Indian homes, as they create a cool, sober and modern charm. This is a blend of optimism with a soft touch of serenity. It can light up the walls and create a welcoming atmosphere. Choose Mango Cupcake, Yellow Sari, Opaque Teal, Aqua Chill, Calista or Wisps of Clouds from Berger’s Color catalog for the best shine. This can work well for homes that do not receive enough natural light.

6. Orange, brown and beige

This is a fun blast from the best color combination for home exteriors in India. It reflects positivity and strength but gives the exterior a soft tone. Choose from shades like Late Day Sun, Rise and Shine, Sable, Wild Apache, and Luster Beige, and let the color combination do all the talking. Orange is the dominant color that adds depth, while amplifying the overall look of your villa.

7. Gray and white

Dolphin Bay, Bay Fog, and Moon Flower are great for homes with vintage architecture. Neutral platforms provide a cool, stretchy, warm and tidy look. Don’t forget to finish Waterproo, if you live in areas that receive heavy rain. Berger’s Home Shield Dampstop is a high-performance, polymer-based modified cement-based product that forms a strong, waterproof coating over a substrate.

8. Green and white

This is a wonderful combination of exterior colors for homes where green is associated with nature and tranquility, while white represents purity and safety. It’s a great idea for penthouses or gardens that look great with a country view. Soothing and simple, Green Gleam, Gift of Green and Cut Diamond creates an elegant and classic ambiance on the balcony, patio and entry door. You can combine it with water-based acrylic emulsions like Berger’s Walmasta Glow, which offer superior resistance to chalking, fading, and smudging.

9. Brown, red and white

This home exterior paint color combination exudes vitality and sophistication like no other. Consider red rooftops with brown and white walls for a luxurious look. This is the perfect blend of simplicity and glamor and helps your home stand out in the neighborhood. White is a shade that can brighten a property, while brown adds the kind of solidity perfect for farmhouses.

10. Dark gray and blue

Taupe Time, Rockville or Fishing Dock in combination with Brisk Blue, Blue Sky or Inner Peace can be an interesting combination of colors for a home’s exterior paint. Blue acts as a highlighter, while neutral shades can go with architectural shapes. These elements come together to decorate the home, while adding a natural element to the walls.

Try Virtual Paint to check out color combinations to paint the exteriors of your home. Contact Berger Express Painting to have the professionals create a great touch for your home. These professionals have years of experience and use advanced tools to ensure a fast and hassle-free painting job.

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