15 ways to bring the Barbiecore trend into your home

The entertainment world is buzzing these days with talk of the release of the Greta Gerwig movie Barbie next year, Starring Margot Robbie in the iconic role. It’s a buzz that seems to be filtered not only by fashion trends, according to the New York Post, but also by everything from Pantone shades to home decor. For a doll known for her lavish digs—townhouses, dream homes, elegant beachfront mansions—Barbie’s signature candy-colored style is something we can all share.

Barbiecore’s style is a bit of childlike cheer, some chic pop culture, and lots of different shades of pink. From soft rose to bright fuchsia and other colorful pastels, Barbie’s bold color claim is cultural gospel and an easy place to start introducing a bit of a Barbie aesthetic into your design scheme. Whatever the design aesthetics or style of your home, there are a few key ways to bring the Barbiecore trend into your home in small doses or bold and dramatic strokes.

1. Think Pink

Pink has always been Barbie’s favorite color. Consider an all-pink decor scheme for an office or bedroom, layering different shades from light to dark. Pink is also a great color to add to neutral design schemes. If pink isn’t your favourite, Barbie is often spotted with many summery pastels in candy colors, including watercolors, mint green, and yellow.

2. Bold and bright entrances

What better way to scream love for a pink Barbie than with a pink front door? Even plain exteriors can be brought to life with a bright floral coating on your door. Consider softer rose or millennial pink if you like muted shades, bright fuchsia, or purple to stand out.

3. A touch of neon

An excellent way to add some Barbiecore flair to your home is a touch of neon pink in the form of light up signs and neon sculptures. These bright accents instantly update more traditional decor schemes and instantly add a focal point to any room.

4. Luxurious texture

Barbie is all about luxurious fabrics, including fur, velvet and tulle. Consider a faux-fur pillow or seat cover to add a bit of luxury in either pink, cream, or white. The furry bench with gilt or gold-plated legs instantly brightens up any room.

5. Dramatic Family

Barbie always sleeps in style, whether it’s the plush, plastic-covered bed we used to lay on her or the sweet velvet headboard stacked with luxurious bedding perfect for an American pop culture princess.

6. Dreamy Closets

When you think of Barbie, you might first think of her clothes. Whatever the size of your wardrobe, there are touches you can add to give your barbecue flair. Consider a tufted ottoman or pink slipper chair, and display your most beautiful shoes and clothes. Even routine storage needs can be augmented with attractive containers and pretty hangers.

7. Heart it

The heart-shaped accents are perfect for an instant hit of Barbiecore style, from simple and elegant to ornate and bright. Consider small touches like a heart-shaped pillow, a mirror, or an accent lamp. You can also bring in artwork that includes hearts in shades of pink, red, and burgundy.

8. You are so messed up

There’s a reason Barbie always looks her best. Whatever your beauty routine or a stylish way to store your cosmetics, a vanity provides a focal point for any bedroom. Consider a beautiful vintage or antique vanity, or if space is an issue, a dresser or desk can display your bottles, boxes, and beauty products.

9. Pink Kitchens

A dramatic pink kitchen exudes mid-century vintage charm that’s definitely Barbie-approved. Pink dressers or tiles can be mixed with neutrals or other pastels to give a bright, modern feel to this 1950s design hallmark.

10. Patios and pools

When considering your home’s exterior, the robust vintage character of Barbicour and sunny California living style calls for bright, bold accents on your patio or pool area. Consider some colorful inflatables and candy-colored lounge chairs. The bright pink canopy is perfect for providing shade and a bright spot of color that screams summer fun.

11. Candy-colored accessories

Even on the most neutral of design schemes, never underestimate the pop of bright candy-colored pieces, including lamps, clocks, vases, and other decor items in bright, fruity colors.

12. Pink Velvet Seating

The pink velvet sofa is the height of luxury and looks especially stunning with neutral colors or as a pop of pink versus black and white. Shades can vary from soft petal or millennial pink to bold and bright fuchsia.

13. A little sugar

Barbie is all about colors inspired by sugar and sweet candy. For your next party or gathering, consider a bright table filled with delicious pink sweets or a candy bar featuring all shades of pink, pink, red, and berries.

14. Feminine Ornament

Barbiecore is anything if not extreme, so look for traditional feminine and girly details in abundance, including lace, ribbon, ruffles, tulle, and bows on everything from tablecloths to drapery to bedding.

15. Barbie herself

Perhaps the quickest way to incorporate a little barbicourt style is to include the icon itself. Display your vintage collection of dolls or Barbie memorabilia. Barbie art and DIY projects that include dolls offer an easy, low-commitment way to bring a little Barbiecore into any home.

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