17 Incredible Wall Ideas From Designers

The fanatics rejoice: The past few years have seen a resurgence in bold patterns and colors, leading to the newfound wallpaper craze. And if you’re looking to recline Beyond that, we’ll see your wallpaper and raise you an even more display transaction: a mural. Unlike wallpapers, which have a repeating motif, wall murals show a single large picture or pattern, either tailored to the space (and sometimes painted directly onto the wall) or created with oversized iterations in mind to encompass a large room. Some companies, such as Gracie, Fromental or De Gournay, hand-draw intricate scenes on silk or paper rolls, which are then painstakingly installed in the home, with thoughtful attention to spacing around doors, windows, and even light switches. Others, such as MJ Atelier, may add 3D detail to the painting. Anyway, the finished mural basically acts as a built-in artwork – and can even be hung more Artwork above if you really want to show off those extreme muscles. Read on to see some of our favorite murals from designers and artists.

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Charlotte Terrell, a Nashville-based artist, offers clients one-of-a-kind wallcoverings in the form of her commissioned murals, which she hand-paints on paneled birch—a match for a client’s room—and then digitally scans for wallpaper that has an oil-paint effect. “A high-quality scanner captures every detail of the painting, including the texture of the plaster, which gives the effect that each painting is hand-painted,” says Terrell, who then adds hand-painted details on top of the scan. “It’s a very personal experience for the client, and the painting is often inspired by a special place for them”—like this painting, which draws inspiration from the landscapes surrounding the family’s vacation home in Maine.


mesmerizing abstraction

Designer Bailey Li creates hand-painted murals for her clients, pulling color from the room to create hypnotic abstract masterpieces like this one (see them in action here).
“The dining room was our biggest challenge, but it became the most exciting room in the house,” designer Sarah Gilpin says of this unruly and cheerful space. The theme was vintage Everglades, so decorative artist Brian Lever painted palm trees and flamingos over grass-cloth wallpaper, then created a trompe l’oeil tent roof. Painting over textured materials rather than directly against the wall can add depth.
For his daughter’s room in their California home, designer Eric Olsen commissioned artist James Goldkron to create a custom version of his own graffiti hearts. (Worning how to commission a wall artist of your own? Read our guide here.)
Inspired by artist Henri Rousseau, Jeff Robinson added a lush mural to designer Molly Luetkemeyer’s Los Angeles home for a jungle-like fantasy feel.
Raji RM warned of this modern home by Piet Boon with several complete murals throughout, including this one based on a painting from 1807 by Louis-Léopold Boilly.
De Gournay’s Japanese Garden animates this modern and timeless dining room designed by Studio DB. Romantic mural is a beautiful backdrop for contemporary furniture.
For a retreat in Bellport, New York, designer Aamir Khandwala enlisted artist Chantel Martin to dart on a kitchen wall (using her trademark Sharpie), creating a custom graphic wall treatment that’s also a one-of-a-kind work of art.
Sans Souci design by De Gournay gets a boost of energy with apple green details in this bold bedroom from Miles Redd.
Denise McGaha enlisted Bettinger Studio to create a mural that mirrors the cabinetry in the open kitchen adjacent to this Texas home to unify the open space.
A Gracie mural in rich lavender lends the modern dining room of a Massachusetts home by Mary McGee the look of a secret garden.
Designer Devin Kirk took inspiration from the hand-painted approach to De Gournay’s murals but gave it a modern twist by using a stencil to hang paint for this entryway. Use Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue and Studio Green.
Here’s another fun example of a custom graffiti wall in designer De Murphy’s Los Angeles home. She commissioned local artist Diego Arturo Mendoza to honor the family and the neighborhood while also transforming the entrance into something more significant and inspiring.
Miles Redd adds extra dimension to wall cladding with framed art—even better if it’s graphic and modern, to create an illusory juxtaposition.
Designer Kevin Ispel gave this media room in an East Coast home a royal wallpaper mural treatment with a Moby Dick-inspired masterpiece. Even better, the mural doesn’t stop at the top of the walls – it continues all the way to the ceiling.
The dining room designed by Christopher Maya gets a similar high-contrast treatment with red lacquer millwork against a De Gournay mural and coordinating seating.

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