18 best bike storage ideas other than racks and hooks

Bike storage is an important part of bike ownership. But there are so many options—from gravity-defying pulley and lever designs to floor racks that don’t require mounting—and figuring out the right style for you and your bike can be overwhelming.

“Bike storage is important for a variety of reasons,” says Neil Gorilla, Trek’s director of aftermarket purchasing. “The two most common reasons people choose bike storage are protection and display.”

Before investing in bicycle storage, there are considerations to consider. How much space you have, how the available space is configured, and how often you need to access the bike are all questions to ask to help you make the best possible purchase.

“Consider features that allow you to display your bike appropriately in your space, while making sure your beloved bike is safe and secure from tipping, rolling or colliding,” Jurgella says. With the help of Jurgella and other bike experts, we’ve rounded up the best bike storage options for every type of space, from the tiniest apartment to custom freestanding storage solutions like bike sheds.

When choosing a vertical bike storage solution, Jurgella offers some general advice. “Avoid a storage solution that could damage your bike or home,” he says. “It is important to recognize the potential for damage to surface areas such as walls and ceilings, where your bike or the storage item itself can leave traces or scratches if it is not appropriate.”

Dirza Wall Mounted Vertical Bike Rack takes the concept of garage hooks to the next level by adding a frame plate to protect the tires and the wall. The metal hooks are covered with a thick layer of rubber to protect the bike rim from scrapes and scrapes.

York Board Store BLAT Bike Fat Tire Wall Rack

To ask these questions before you make a bike storage purchase, says Eric Saltfold, owner and founder of Erik’s Bike Board Ski: “Do you want to hang it on a wall or on the floor? Do you need to hang it somewhere high where it needs to be lifted? Will it be stored outside or somewhere Where will it withstand elements of the weather? Consider the weight limits of bike storage with the weight of your bike. Also, consider the size of your bike’s tires. Is it a fat-tire bike? Some storage units will have specific options for that.” A vertically mounted wall shelf is one such option.

Delta gravity rugged bike rack mount

Delta gravity rugged bike rack mount

If width is an important part of choosing a bike storage option, Jurgella recommends a Delta gravity mount, a vertically oriented ground model that leans against a wall and can accommodate two bikes. This is a great choice for apartment dwellers due to its small size and ease of setup.

“There are plenty of compact storage solutions to help accommodate,” says Jurgella, including individual bike storage options like a simple floor stand to keep your bike tucked away in a corner, or a vertical wall hanging hook that can rotate around a side to maximize space in a small area. “.

Steadyrack Bike Rack Wall Mounted Bike Storage Solution

“If you live in an apartment or a smaller space, it is essential to make bike storage space efficient for your environment,” Saltfold says. He recommends the Steady Rack Fender Bike Storage Rack for its flexibility: It folds up when not in use, and can rotate when your bike is stored on the rack. “This rack will also accommodate your bike if you have fenders or mudguards,” he says.

Sports Reviews Velo Hinge One-Bike Storage Hook

Jurgella recommends this bike storage hook for apartment storage. The simple design allows you to hang your bike alongside the wheel, and the hinge allows the bike to swing left or right to keep it out of the way.

Portland Design Works bike hanger hook with tray

Portland Design Works bike hanger hook with tray

Another low-profile storage solution that Jurgella recommends is the Wall-Mounted Vertical Bike Hook from Portland Design Works, which can accommodate wheels with up to 2.5-inch tires.

“Make sure that any part of the storage device that comes into contact with your bike has a protective surface, such as a rubber coating, that will not scratch or damage your bike,” Jurgella says.

Winch Delta El Greco

Jurgella and Saltvold recommend the Delta El Greco roof lifter for those looking to store a bike in a garage or shed. “It’s a system of pulleys that makes it easy to lift your bike up,” Saltfold says.

MCIGICM Heavy Duty Bike Hook

Garage hooks are incredibly versatile and inexpensive storage options that can be used on everything from boats to bikes. “A very simple solution is to purchase rubber wall hooks,” says Stefan Roach, director at Revolution Bike Shop. “That’s what I do in my garage.” Roche adds that when installing bike hooks, be sure to thread them into a bolt.

Rad Sports Bike Lift

The experts we spoke to all agreed that the simplest solutions are the best. “Keep it simple,” says Roach. “You don’t get an overly complex system.” This is especially true if you’re a regular rider – accessibility will be something you’ll want to consider. “Roof joists can be nice to get your bike out of the way, but they are often annoying to use, so you may not end up riding your bike as much,” Roch says of a drawback to this popular bike storage method.

RAC Sports Feedback 1

Floor stands are among the essential bike storage solutions, great for people who don’t care about wall- or ceiling-mounted designs. Both Jurgella and Saltvold recommend the Feedback Sports Rack Floor Stand for use in your garage or shed.

Gear Up Stand 1

Gear Up Stand 1

“If you’re looking to store your bike in a cottage or garage but want easy access on the ground, check out Gear Up Grandstand 1.” Saltfold says. This model is especially good for renters, because it does not require permanent installation.

ABUS Steel-O-Chain Lock

The experts we spoke to agreed that parking a bike in your home is the safest option, and encourage people who use their garage, shed, or outdoor storage to invest in a good safety lock. “Bike thefts in garages and awnings are very common,” Saltfold says. “You might want to consider some extra security.”

Independent bike storage sheds are a smart option for those who don’t want to park their bikes indoors, but don’t have a covered outdoor space, such as a garage, available. “Storing your bike indoors is very important, so it doesn’t get weathered and corroded,” says Roach. “If you don’t have a place where you are, be sure to cover it with a tarp or tarpaulin. Barns work well if you have a small yard.”

Suncast Stowe Away Horizontal Storage Shed

For those looking to purchase a small bike storage shed, look for horizontally oriented fabricators that allow you to easily park the bike inside. This multipurpose resin shed has three locking points to help keep bikes secure when not in use.

Catriown Storage Shed

If you are looking for shed-style storage that can hold four to five bikes, the Catriown storage shed is a good option. Its 8 x 6-foot footprint means it’s spacious enough to park multiple bikes inside without risking damage.

Woodridge Low Gable Shed Arrow

For those who prefer the look of a wood storage shed, the Arrow Woodridge shed—at 10 feet by 6 feet—is an attractive and spacious option. Some assembly required; The task will be easier to handle with two people and with an electric screwdriver.

Topeak mountain bike cover.

There are some considerations to keep in mind when storing a bike outdoors so that changing temperatures and exposure to weather do not cause damage. Bicycle covers and hoods can be useful even in a storage shed. “If your bike has been stored outside for extended periods, see the Topeak Mountain Bike Cover to keep your bike protected,” Saltfold says.

Kryptonite Evolution U Look

Another important part of protecting your bike, if you plan to store it in a shed, is safety. Always lock the bike or shed (or both!) to keep them safe from theft or vandalism.

Stanley stainless steel lock

Storage sheds are easy signs for people looking to commit property crimes, so it’s important to have a good lock on your outdoor storage structure. Stanley Hardware’s Basic Lock gets high marks for its multi-layer security features at a very reasonable price.

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