20 stone walls that will look great in your yard

If your patio is sloped or includes several different levels, there are a few things you can do with this outdoor space. If you are not interested in keeping it so that you have an epic place to use the slide in the winter or the waterslide in the summer, you can put together a stunning two-level pool. Alternatively, you may want to place some raised garden beds around your property. Either way, there’s a good chance you’ll need at least one spare wall.

A retaining wall is a wall that is used to hold back dirt, shape your property and make your outdoor space look amazing, according to the Oregon State University Extension Service. They can be used around roofs or as part of your garden and can be made of different materials such as wood, cement or stone. When deciding what type of retaining wall is best for your yard, you’ll want to consider the size of the wall you will need and the design that will work with that height and length. You will also need to be mindful of how water may travel through your retaining walls and ensure that you fill each properly while using any professional advice available.

Of course, you’ll also want to choose a spare wall that looks as good as it works. In that case, be sure to consider these 20 stone options that might look great on your patio.

1. Sandstone retaining wall

If you want to create a retaining wall on your property that you will definitely adore, you will want to consider using sandstone. Not only can you choose which sizes of stones suit your garden best, but you can also choose from different shades and shapes of sandstone to create something beautiful and functional.

2. Stone retaining wall with gaps

This retaining wall chooses a unique design by leaving gaps between the lower stones. The almost chessboard effect is striking, while the sturdy structure can be set as high or low as needed. Large flat stones on top of the wall give an elegant look and provide a comfortable place to sit.

3. Big size stone wall

This retaining wall uses relatively large blocks of gorgeous pink and gray brown stone that would be ideal for a wall on the taller or wider side. The fact that some of the stones are flat on the front and others are slightly raised certainly adds another level of visual interest to this already stunning wall.

4. Gray granite rock retaining wall

Create a beautiful, natural look in your patio wall that you’ll love using gray granite boulders. When assembled securely but seemingly randomly, it will resemble a natural composition.

5. Curved stone stair retaining wall

Retaining walls do not have to be perfectly straight. It can also be rounded up to fit your yard and personal preferences. Beyond that, walls can be built as part of a circular staircase like this example. Using the same curves found in each step, the walls continue the beautiful and functional design.

6. Breaking retaining rocks

If the idea of ​​a seemingly natural retaining wall intrigues you, you may also want to consider a broken rock retaining wall. By using rough-edged (but not dangerous) stones that aren’t shaped or sanded, you’ll have a truly unique and gorgeous addition to your yard.

7. A retaining wall with stones of different sizes

Find yourself an attractive and even artistic spare wall by using stones of wildly different sizes and colors. Place each carefully to create a wall that will last for years and a design you’ll love looking at for a long time.

8. The two-level stone retaining wall looks like a brick

These gray stones are shaped with perfect angles and edges so they look like beautiful bricks. With their clean lines that are fun and practical, the stones can be stacked to the height you want or, as in this case, they can be used to create several retaining walls at different levels of the yard.

9. Layers of thin stone retaining wall

You don’t have to use huge stones until you end up with a large spare wall. Instead, you may want to use thinner stones. While this may seem like a surprising option for an oversized wall, you can create a great baffle that can be as large as you like if you put in thinner stones.

10. Carved stone retaining wall

Create a spare wall that you’ll never tire of looking at by choosing a wall that has a stunning pattern made of stone. All you have to do is use stones of different sizes, shapes and colors before placing them in the places you placed earlier to achieve a creative design.

11. Gabion Retaining Stone Wall

Make sure the stones you use in your retaining wall stay in place by creating dirt. For this wall, the shape is created with the help of wires while the stones are securely fixed on the inside to fill it in. Just keep in mind that it is not the most comfortable place to take a seat.

12. Basalt stone coarse retaining wall

Basalt can be used in many great ways, including being part of the retaining wall in your yard. This example uses rough stones that are not shaped, which means they don’t fit perfectly together. Instead, they are given a little space while the cement binds them together and fills the gaps.

13. Retaining wall with lower sections

Turn your possessions into a royal space by creating a retaining wall that gives the impression of a medieval castle. Besides the use of gray shaped stones, the wall was created with higher and lower sections, which almost resembled the top of a tower.

14. Plant retaining wall

While many retaining walls may have plants growing around and on top of them, this wall contains plants growing from it. With green foliage slicing its way through the stones, this property’s gorgeous greenery becomes part of the wall in a cheerful way that can be encouraged.

15. Folded stone retaining wall

If you need a retaining wall that can follow the unique shape of your herringbone garden or section of your patio, you may want to consider a pleated design that uses stone. Bend and swirl to create the perfect shape, a folded stone retaining wall can be a beloved feature of your property.

16. White stone retaining wall

Choosing the shape, size, and setup of your retaining wall is not all you need to remember. You can also select the color of the stones you use for your wall. For this characteristic, a white stone was used for the wall which appears to have been placed randomly but in a wonderfully cohesive way.

17. Coarse limestone retaining wall

Travertine is another option for your retaining wall, and by the look of the wall shown here, it’s a stone you should consider if you want a wall that is as eye-catching as the rest of your yard. With coarsely chiseled limestone creating a gorgeous surface, this wall will enhance any outdoor space.

18. Wide stone slab for retaining wall

If you want to create a tall retaining wall in your yard, then wide stone slabs may be the best choice. While a single layer of stone may be sufficient depending on the size of the slabs and your own needs, you can also use multiple layers of slate to set up something higher.

19. Bumpy stone retaining wall

These gorgeous rough stones are intriguing, thanks to their captivating bumpy texture and stunning shades of gray and brown. However, stones of different sizes look best when used together to create a spare wall with an all-gray top coat to cover it beautifully.

20. Marble stone retaining wall

While marble might be the type of stone you’re considering using in your bathroom or kitchen, you can also adore how it looks as a spare wall. An option that may admittedly be on the price side if you choose real marble, you can also use a cheaper stone that has a marble-like appearance.

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