22 people shared their inexplicable supernatural stories



“I was working pretty late when I decided to take a break to get my dog ​​out. I let them get off the leash and squatted on the stairs. As you do with her weird little rituals, I stopped dying in their tracks about 20 feet in front of a tree. I was about another 30 feet behind them, but I I saw that her whiskers had come out and her body was completely stiff. I softly called her name, but that did not break her stupor. As I began to approach her, I noticed a change in the perpetual ringing in my ear.”

“It’s important for you to know that I have Meniere’s disease, so I have persistent tinnitus, fullness of the ears, hearing loss, and debilitating vertigo episodes. Well, I used to have vertigo. I haven’t had one in over a decade. Remember these.”

Anyway, the intensity of the tinnitus in my ears changed and became much louder. A few more steps, and I started to feel a strange sensation behind my left eyeball. I walked a few more steps and started getting a dull ache in the left side of my head. This was a telltale sign that, within 90 seconds, I was going to start my first dizziness attack in nearly 11 years.

I used a tougher tone, but my dog ​​wouldn’t break her focus. I let out a deep throaty roar that I had never heard before. Like a clock, the pain behind my left eye and the left side of my head ended abruptly, and I had a wave of severe dizziness. I tied my dog’s leash and stood up. When I did, the vertigo caused the sensation that my brain had been detached from the base of my spine and was doing back swings freely into my skull. I had to fight to stay upright, preventing my eyes from rolling so I had enough noticeable balance to get him back upstairs. To do this, I focused on the tree my dog ​​was annoyed with… and this is the time the thing I decided to get behind her to our point of view. He was tall – taller than me, and I’m 6’7″. He was unimaginably skinny, to the point that I couldn’t believe the organs could fit into her torso. Besides his weird stature, the ‘skin’ thing was this deep black. The antics I played with was poor lighting, it was impossible to discern any facial or body features.From this impression alone, the only description I can gather is that he looked like a poorly drawn 2D stickman who bust out the page.

My dog ​​and I just stared at this thing because it ‘looked’ at us from about 6 feet away. Then the thing turned and sped down the street with amazing speed. She moved strangely, as if she was sledding. Roughly what a cross-country skater might look like, but even totally smoother and quieter. It covered half a block in a matter of seconds before leaping over a 6-foot fence in one jump and disappearing into the night. A second after it disappeared, the vertigo stopped, the tinnitus decreased, and I was fine again. I don’t know if my sudden bout of dizziness was related to what I saw that night, but it definitely feels that way. The vertigo episodes associated with Meniere tend to last 1 hour at their shortest and 24 hours at most. My average attacks have always been between 12 and 16 hours. This attack lasted less than two minutes.”

—u / LeakyAssFire

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