287-acre beef and sheep market for bids of over £1,600,000

For sale through Galbraith, Nether Barr Farm is located on the outskirts of Barr, near Girvan in South Ayrshire, and includes fishing rights on the Stinchar River.

It is available to buy as a whole or in two lots.

The current owners have raised Bar Prose for a number of decades and current farming operations are focused on raising 90 cows and 400 ewes.

The land is of a Class IV productive nature, as classified by the James Hutton Institute, and provides grazing and forage for the company. In previous years, barley was also grown on the land.

Nether Barr also makes use of a range of farm buildings suitable for housing and storing livestock.

The farm has a large two-storey traditional painted stone farmhouse with gardens and a greenhouse.

On the roof of the general purpose shed, there are 17 solar panels that provide income and cost to the farm.

They are available as a whole or in two batches as follows:

Plot 1 – farm and buildings in about 61.43 acres

The farmhouse in Nether Barr is built of traditional stone and slate with a later extension of brick and offers spacious two-storey accommodation.

This includes four bedrooms, four common rooms, a kitchen and a family bathroom with plenty of room for updating. There is full central heating throughout the farmhouse with the added bonus of double glazing.

Adjacent to the farmhouse is a traditional group of buildings constructed of stone under a shingle roof made up of a basement and pantry.

*Cattle barn – approximately 25m x 18.5m – of steel gate structure, venter cladding, fiber cement and tin roof with concrete floor. It has 28 compartments with feeding rail.

* Calf shed – about 16m x 9.8m – of steel portal structure, square cladding, brick walls under a fiber cement roof. Divided by an internal block wall.

* Byre – about 19.8 m x 6.6 m – of stone and slate.

* Open yard – about 14.5m x 8.9m – of block wall construction, concrete floor under box roof. It is divided into an upper section and a lower section.

* Small stock shed – about 24.6m x 13.4m – of steel portal structure, tin cladding, brick walls under fiber cement and tin roof. Two curved frames of steel gate structure with wooden pillar posts.

*General Purpose – Approx 26.6m x 15.5m – Construction of steel gate frame, block walls, cladding boxes, fiber cement roof and concrete floor/floor.

* Thatch and hay shed – about 9.2 m x 8.8 m – of steel gate structure, brick walls, tin cladding with tin roof.

* Poly tunnel – about 21.4m x 7.5m – polythene cover.

* Silage pit – about 30m x 12m – concrete walls and dormer.

The land within Lot 2 extends to approximately 225.65 acres and is located east of the farm and is directly accessible from Glenginnet Road.

The land is classified by the James Hutton Institute as a mix of Grade 4 (1) and 4 (2) and is currently used for cattle grazing and silage.

Field 21 (about 58.51 acres in 2015 was planted mostly with Sitka spruce, with smaller areas of native Norway spruce and broadleaf.

You can find more information regarding the sale of Nether Barr here. Alternatively, you can contact Galbraith at Ayr on the phone. 01292 268181 or via email to [email protected]

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