3 Handpicked American Roots Products To Add To Your Store

With continuing challenges related to shipping delays and an ongoing trend of local pride, consumers and retailers alike are seeing the benefits of American-made gifts, as well as gifts that carry American pride. From decades old brands to new makers just getting started with just a few products, the gift and home industry is full of suppliers with distinctly American roots. GDA editors have worked hard to highlight some of those stories through their monthly American Made product features and have been out for a walk, so to speak, with their own belongings. This week, the team rounded up some of their patriotic favorites. Here’s a little about each and what makes them remarkably American.

Lyn’s Willis’ Choice: Shopping Bag with Texas Pride

El Arroyo was one of the busiest sections of Ivystone’s Atlanta showroom during the winter market. Tex-Mex has exploded in the past couple of years for its iconic labels, and now trinkets, market bags, coffee mugs, and other giftable items emblazoned with the same phrases have garnered more attention from the gift industry. My bag at the market reads “The spacers matter. No more tequila. No, more tequila.” He had buyers at the market and even fellow travelers at the airport stopped me in my tracks to hang and laugh. The Austin-based company is sure to handle gifts that make consumers laugh and exudes both Texas pride and a hilarious (and marketable) sense of humor that is sure to captivate your customers. Texas shoppers will be more than happy to support a small local business with a very stylish brand.

#GDAfindoftheday: Cute Doggone Tag for Pets

s.  Graham Dunn Wag Pet ID Tags

Born in Dalton, Ohio, in the 1970s, P. Graham Dunn has remained there for more than 40 years, expanding its product line from a single operation to a 250,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with 20,000 square feet. Square feet retail store. Written with the phrase “Fur Friend Ever,” this dog-friendly sign is made in the same facility. With plenty of room to add identification information, this American made tag is perfect for anyone looking to let the world know how much their fur friend means to them.

Adelaide Elliott’s Choice: A Candle That Brings SoCal Feelings Wherever You Go

One of the places I’ve found myself discovering tons of products over the past year or so is the TikTok video sharing app. I found my product this week, PF Candle Co. based in Los Angeles who was also born there. Made with 100 percent locally grown soy wax with a cotton core wick, this company caught my eye with a video of its California production facilities and clean-burning ingredients. I was sold into the company after picking up a candle in the original scent of PF Candle Co – Teakwood & Tobacco. Light and woody, the candle smells clean with hints of leather and orange and never becomes overbearing or warm no matter when it burns. The amber jar, copper lid, and streamlined label make each candle, no matter the scent, cute enough to display throughout my house.

Lynse Willis, Editor-in-Chief; Anne-Marie Earl, Managing Editor; Alex Hering, Senior Editor; Make up the editorial team in gifts and decor accessories. The team stays abreast of the latest product trends, market debuts, consumer insights and business news in order to keep retailers updated with what is happening in the gift industry. Thanks to the GDA team’s reporting, retailers are able to increase customer engagement, diversify their product mix, and more.

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