3 steps to organizing your home

The solution is simple: By freeing up some space in your home, you can create more mental space to pursue the important things. This is the place TAXIBOX Comes – a service that provides a range of storage options to your doorstep.

Follow this simple three-step process to get rid of all that physical and mental clutter for good.

Step 1: Make a plan

Getting started is the hardest part, so it’s essential to form a clear plan of attack to help make things more achievable. In this plan, you should also include some ground rules, as inspired by de-clutter expert Marie Kondo.

  • Commit to getting organized by imagining the lifestyle you want
  • Compare your space with the space you want in your new lifestyle
  • Try to take pictures of your space and highlight it with improvements
  • Be specific about what you want to arrange. For example, instead of making time to tidy up the bathroom, make time to tidy up the drawers in the vanity.
  • And, of course, ask yourself: what elements evoke joy and what are not.

Step 2: Start with the obvious mess

The best place to start is the clutter that is impossible to ignore. This usually uses up most of your mental energy. For example, perhaps when you go to the pantry, clutter may prevent you from cooking. A lack of motivation to cook because of the pantry is a clear sign of a clutter, so make this the first stop on your de-clutter task.

Step 3: Classify the chaos

You will likely find that a lot of the clutter in your home is in sentimental things that you may need one day. Classifying clutter can help you understand what you want to keep and what needs to be stored. Divide it into the following categories:

need it daily Anything you need on a daily basis should be kept close at hand.

Need it regularly, but not daily Items that you use regularly but not daily should be easily accessible in the closet.

Need a few times a year These items can be kept in the back of the cabinet. For example, your barbecue dish for Christmas.

Passionate but not necessary – Stock up on anything you only use once a year, such as a Christmas tree, Easter plates, or special Christmas decorations. If you’re short on space, consider TAXIBOX, a storage container that is brought straight into your home and then stored in a private facility for as long as you need it.

ready for sale – If there is something you do not need, but it is still in good condition, put it in a ready-made pile for sale.

Ready to donate Likewise, anything you think you can’t sell but is still in good enough shape to donate can go into the donation pile.

ready to ignore Finally, anything that does not fit into any of these categories can be put in the trash.

Taxi Box

Next steps

Once you start to back off, you will have the mental clarity to finally deal with all the things you never found the motivation to do before. Shower head needs replacing? Kitchen plaster needs patching? Garden need a tidy? Watch how these tasks bring you joy when there is less chaos.

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