30 Items Under $35 on Amazon That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Let’s face it, scrolling through TikTok and Insta can give you major bedroom envy. Of course, you may want to make a complete makeover in your room, but you may not have the budget to redo everything completely. That’s okay, because there are already tons of cute items under $35 on Amazon that will make your bedroom look more expensive. With just a few luxury bedroom ideas, you can have a picture-perfect, insta-worthy bedroom in no time.

While you may feel that you will need to hire an interior designer to get the bedroom of your dreams, all you really need is a good Amazon shopping list. These budget-friendly items are just that, and they’re sure to make your bedroom whatever you want it to be. The great thing about these items under $35 on Amazon is that they’re also highly prized, so you get something loved while also saving a few bucks. It is a win.

These 30 items on Amazon also range from decor to organizers depending on what you need to give your bedroom an update. For example, all you might need are a few cute organizers to give yourself a Kardashian-approved wardrobe. On the flip side, this list also includes things like curtain lights to give your space a dreamy aesthetic and new covers for a stylish and comfortable bed. Whatever your bedroom needs, this list of luxury bedroom ideas will definitely help you out, so go ahead and add to your cart any of the budget necessities you need.

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Under $35 for bedroom decor items

Sometimes all you need are some new lights to give your bedroom a whole new look. These curtain lights will not only brighten up your space but also create a dreamy aesthetic. With nearly 60,000 5-star reviews, you know these lights are a popular solution to making your bedroom look more expensive. In fact, one five-star review said that these lights “real add character to a cozy space.”

Adding a new rug to your bedroom is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space. With over 15,000 5-star reviews, this reflective rug has also been praised for how well it is priced for such “quality”. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your bedroom aesthetic, but prices vary depending on the shade you choose.

This is a frosted window cling

Give your windows a makeover with these frosted windows. It will give you privacy, but also allow the light to shine through. There’s even a multi-colored option if that’s what works for you. These snippets also have over 17,000 5-star reviews and many reviewers say they are “easy to install.”

Candles can really set the mood, but you don’t want to burn through too many candles by lighting them every day. Instead, get some flameless candles to put on your dresser or desk. These also have a Regencycore vibe if you want a bedroom that feels like it belongs in Bridgerton. According to one of our 17,000 5-star reviewers, these candles flicker.

These artificial potted plants

Plants can give your bedroom an elevated look, but if you are terrible at keeping them alive, these artificial potted plants are perfect for you. If you’re worried about them looking too fake, don’t worry. One 5-star reviewer said, “These are the most realistic little plants I’ve ever seen,” so place them around your room for a green feel.

Instead of adding something new to your room, you can just polish things up to give it a more expensive look. Whether you have wood floors or furniture, this polisher with over 2,000 5-star reviews will make everything look brand new. While one reviewer said it looks like “magic,” it “may not work on everything,” so be sure to check the description before applying.

A few simple curtains can change the atmosphere of your room and make it look more elegant. A 5-star reviewer described it as “bright and cheerful,” and said it comes in a variety of vibrant shades from purple to orange.

Marble is a type of bougie, but the real thing can be pricey. Fortunately, there is marble paper that can transform your work surfaces. You may get things like air bubbles if you don’t apply them perfectly, but overall, it will give you the look of faux marble you’re looking for. Some of the more than 24,000 5-star reviews have some installation tips, such as cleaning the surface thoroughly before applying and really planning where you’ll stick the paper.

These are hexagon mirror stickers

Having mirrors in your bedroom can really make your space seem larger, but some floor-length mirrors can be pricey for AF. An alternative is these hexagonal mirror stickers. While they are small and not real mirrors, they can make a great decor for your bedroom wall if arranged in a cute pattern. A 5-star review out of 6000 on Amazon says that these mirror stickers “reflect like a regular mirror.”

This decorative tray is an easy addition to your bedroom and will add a touch of elegance to your room. If you have items on your dresser or nightstand, all you have to do is place them on top of them for a more expensive look. It’s smaller, but can hold things like coffee mugs and jewelry, according to 5-star reviews on Amazon.

This dried flower arrangement

The flowers in your bedroom can make it seem more expensive, but it is very expensive to buy fresh flowers regularly. Dried flowers can be a great alternative, and this arrangement would look very nice on your desk or WFH nightstand. While many of the five-star reviews say the rankings on Amazon are beautiful, they can also fade, so you’ll just want to be careful about it.

Ivy leaves hanging on your bedroom wall is a very cool idea. Living walls are a home décor trend for 2022, and they can make a great aesthetic when paired with other jungle-like décor. While some reviewers have said that the papers smell good when they arrive in their boxes, simply air them out before hanging them up. One of 12,000 5-star reviewers even hung their papers around their windows for a super dreamy and ethereal look.

An ottoman or pouf can add a pop of color to your space while also giving you another place to sit as you lounge in your new bedroom. This suede pillow comes in several different colors and has over 2,000 5-star reviews. One user even said his seat is very durable, which is great for such a budget-friendly price.

For your artificial flowers or real flowers, you will want some cute vases for your bedroom. These highly rated ones are small, but perfect for your desk or dresser. This ceramic set also looks antique, and has a pricey feel to it. They’ll even make a great home decor when there’s nothing inside of them.

Under $35 for bedroom tech items

These are motion sensor lights

Want to make your bookshelves or cabinet look professional for AF? Simply add these lights to brighten up your space. Although these lights may be smaller than you think, they are very useful and appear almost invisible when disconnected. One of the 10,000-plus five-star reviewers on Amazon said the lights “make an incredible amount of light for their size.”

Let’s face it, most bedrooms don’t have enough outlets for everything you need to plug in. Fortunately, Amazon has this multi-plug outlet that allows you to connect six things at once with two USB sockets.

It’s bulky, so you may not be able to plug it in in tight spaces. However, that outlet also lights up, and you can never have too many lights in your bedroom, right? Of the more than 42,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon, one said they wish they “found it years ago.”

Motion-activated bed lights

One way to get an expensive bedroom is to have the latest technology. These motion-activated bedside lamps will make you feel like you’re living in the future, like Zenon: Girl of the Twenty-first Century. After all, one 5-star reviewer on Amazon called these lights “fantasy,” which is your goal.

Not only do you make your bedroom look more expensive, but also smell expensive with this essential oil diffuser. You can also “control the amount of smell” easily, according to 5-star reviewers. In addition, this diffuser is also a humidifier and a tinted light. What can’t you do?

Creating an expensive bedroom requires addressing all the senses, so a white noise machine is essential to create a calm atmosphere. You will feel very relaxed when listening to the soothing sounds. One reviewer said it’s a “good white noise/sound machine for the price.”

This digital display clock

Luxurious technology will give your bedroom a modern and expensive feel. This digital clock has a futuristic vibe with a mirror surface. One of over 12,000 5-star reviewers said they received compliments from their families and co-workers on this watch.

Under $35 for bedroom organizers

If you want a closet like Pete Davidson’s, you’ll need some shelving dividers. These dividers will help you organize your closet space to make it look more beautiful, and one of over 3,000 5-star reviewers wished they “got these dividers a lot sooner.” These dividers don’t work with every size shelf, so you’ll want to make sure they fit in your bedroom.

Another must-have for your closet is this shoe stack. It will make your bedroom look more like a celebrity’s bedroom, and one 5-star reviewer said this is also an “excellent space saver.” They may not fit your larger shoes like boots and heels, but they are perfect for flats and sandals.

If your WFH desk is in your bedroom, this charging station is a game-changer. This bamboo station organizes and hides all your cables for a cleaner, more affordable look. You can also keep the bedside table if you have a lot of things to charge overnight. One five-star reviewer on Amazon described this station as “simple and elegant.”

While rugs can make your bedroom look expensive, this only works when it looks nice in your room. Bending the corners of your rug up and out of place seems bad, so you need these non-slip pads. It’s an “effective solution to rug corners,” according to one of the 7,000-plus 5-star reviewers.

Organize your closet or vanity with this drawer mirror that looks AF elegant. It is perfect for your makeup, jewelry or some candles and vases. One of its nearly 4,000 5-star reviews even says it has “great quality” and “very elegant looks.”

A new shelf can elevate your bedroom decor and help organize your space as well. These floating shelves are super cute if you use them to display your framed pictures, candles, or even some fake plants.

It also doesn’t hurt that these shelves have nearly 35,000 5-star reviews, and one reviewer said they’re perfect for “wasted space.” It’s small shelves, so don’t expect it to fit much.

Products under $35 for your bed

One way to wake up with better hair in the morning is to start using a satin pillowcase. Satin pillowcase can not only be good for your hair and skin but also looks expensive. This pillow case from Amazon has a massive 177,000 5-star reviews, and one reviewer said it’s “life-changing!” You may want to hand wash it to keep it looking neat over time.

Give your bed a new look too by getting a brand new duvet for it. If you make your bed every morning with this quilted quilt, your space will automatically look more expensive and impressive. It also doesn’t hurt that it has over 68,000 5-star reviews and is “warm and fluffy” for a good night’s sleep, too. It comes in a variety of colors, but some shades are more expensive than others.

Velvet pillow covers

Pillows are also an easy way to transform your space with minimal effort, and velvet is a super buggy. That’s why you need velvet pillowcases that have over 50,000 5-star ratings on Amazon to spice up the pillowcases you already have at home. One reviewer said they are “very nice and soft”, but the size may vary and may be tighter than you expected, so check the measurements.

These super soft bed sheets

Since your bed is the main thing in your bedroom, you can change your space just by getting new sheets. These Amazon sheets with over 263,000 5-star reviews will also give you “more than you pay for”. If you’re hoping for quality on a budget, these papers are what you want. However, some reviewers also said that the color from these sheets can bleed a little, so it’s a good idea to wash them separately.

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