5 Alexa Skills for Helping People with Disabilities

Amazon Echo has played an important role in making life easier for users. Whether she’s turning on lights, searching for recipes, or checking the weather, a voice-activated speaker helps make everyday life easier. One factor that is generally overlooked, however, is the Echo’s ability to help people with disabilities

Whether it’s for navigation and visibility issues, or an easier way to travel, the Amazon Echo is a great tool.

Here are some Alexa skills that can help people with disabilities to complete daily tasks easier.

Just say, “Alexa, ask OurGroceries to add milk to your shopping list.”

OurGroceries is an app that helps you keep track of your shopping needs. The app allows you to keep your grocery lists in sync instantly on all the Android and iOS devices in your home. This free app can also scan barcodes and track recipes with the touch of a button.

This app is ideal for users with fine motor skills disabilities as enabling this Alexa skill on your Echo allows users to talk to Alexa and ask them to add items to your shopping list.

This saves time and energy because users do not need to write down their shopping list, and can only look at the completed list on their phones as soon as they enter the grocery store. After you get back from the store, Alexa can also help you prepare the perfect meal.

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Just say “Alexa, ask Uber to order a ride.”

With Uber skill, you can have a reliable ride in minutes without using your phone. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

Provided you have already downloaded the Uber app on iOS and Android and created an account, your Uber account can be linked to your Alexa account in a very simple way.

First, set your location on the Alexa app (iOS or Android) through Settings. After that, touch moreThen Skills and games. Then, simply locate and enable the Uber skill and link your account.

If driving becomes a stress activity rather than an easier way to travel due to disabilities, the Uber skill will help you de-stress and enjoy a nice little break as you drive to your destination.

Just say “Alexa, turn on the entrance light.”

Make life easier with the Smart Life skill. This skill is ideal for users with mobility issues. Provided you have the right tools and smart home attachments, you can turn off the light switches, turn on the fans, and adjust the thermostat just by asking Alexa.

This allows users to stay seated and help reduce the amount of unnecessary movement they have to do around the house. Here are more apps that can help wheelchair users.

Just say “Alexa, tell the Smart Remote to turn on the TV.”

Simply put, once this Alexa skill is enabled, users will be able to control their TV with their voice. Unfortunately for Apple users, this app is currently only available on Android.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable asking your device to turn up the volume or change the channel, you can open the app on your phone. This app will resemble a universal remote control with larger buttons that can be seen and buttons activated with the tap of a finger, rather than having to press a button down on a physical remote.

Just say “Alexa, turn on the switch.”

The eWeLink Smart Home skill is an excellent build to help users with weak muscles. Similar to the Smart Life skill, the eWeLink Smart Home (once enabled on your Echo device) has the ability to operate switches via voice commands.

An interesting addition to that, created by a company called Record, is a Wi-Fi smart switch used to automate the front door. When you ask Alexa to open the door, the switch will activate and force the door to open (and close) safely. This allows users to get in and out of their homes without having to struggle to open the door.

A fun feature of this is the ability to change the command word. Instead of asking to open the door, you can change the command to “Open Sesame” or “Knock Knock” to add a little fun to the event.

Use Amazon Alexa for help

Enabling these Alexa skills on an Amazon Echo is a great way for people with disabilities to manage their lifestyles and make everyday tasks easier.

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