5 elements to make your home interior unique

New Delhi, 28th July (UNI) Your home is your comfort zone.

It is important to design it in a way that radiates optimism and reflects you as well as your awareness and moral values.

Earlier, home renovation meant extra spending and a lot of time and effort. However, nowadays, designing your home requires strategic planning along with a clear list of requirements and your budget.

Once this is done, improving the aesthetics of your home is relatively easy and organized. The market is flooded with a huge variety of options in terms of interior design and decor elements. You just need to choose the one that fits your bill and you can give your home a creative makeover.

Ashima Singla, founder and CEO of Whispering Homes, has chosen five elements you can consider in order to spray your home with a hint of color, decor and innovation.

1) Vases for flowers:

Imagine the fragrance and liveliness of fresh flowers adding to your home! If this idea excites you, fresh flowers are definitely your thing. However, of course, a vase will be needed to store the set. Putting a bouquet of colorful flowers in an elegant vase can be one of the best ideas for decorating your home. You can choose a variety of clear glass for the table or even go for contemporary designs that are antique and colorful. However, if the tables look bulky and take up a lot of space, you can always consider buying the wall-hung alternative as well. They add a chic and elegant look to your walls and spaces.

2) Dried flowers and leaves are a great alternative:

Of course, the idea of ​​placing fresh lilies and lilacs in all possible corners of your home sounds like a plan. However, fresh flowers require maintenance and come with a short shelf life because they eventually wither. And some of us also suffer from allergies that prevent us from decorating our cozy spaces with fresh, natural flowers and leaves. In such a scenario, you always have a substitute of dried flowers and leaves. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes; They require no maintenance and can be an ideal interior decoration element for your home.

3) Twisty decorative tractor:

How cool would it be if you had a piece of decor in your home that came with actual use! This is already possible with designed ceramic jars that can be used to store non-perishable items. The pagoda and ceramic gingerbread urns will be a quirky, modern and luxurious addition to your home. Handcrafted with inspiration from international art and comes in a lustrous porcelain finish; They are a much needed item on your home decor list.

4) wall art:

One of the best ways to liven up your plain and plain walls is to decorate them with art wall art and wall decor items. Choose from art prints that include 3D art, line art, abstract designs, botanicals, and silhouettes. However, you can also customize the murals with star map, street map, and vector art designs. These items will not only decorate your home, but also give it a personal and comfortable feel. You just need to be open to experimentation and your valuable life experiences and memories will be on your walls in the form of art! In fact, you also have the option to choose from wall art, quirky wall panels, and elegant and designer wall mirrors.

5) Pillows:

When you’re renovating your sweet home, apart from adding décor pieces, you can even make a difference by putting pillows in. The pillows are available in different sizes and prints, and they accentuate the look of the space. Whether it is solid color, floral or block printed, or even embroidered; Any type of pillow that matches well with your decor theme and complements the color of your walls is an innovative idea to step up your interior decorating game.

There was a time when designing homes and placing decor items meant spending a huge amount of money. Today, you have a myriad of home décor options to choose from at affordable prices, high quality, and radiant luxury.

With just the right pieces, you can decorate your home, bring innovation and give them any look you desire – sophisticated, culturally specific, contemporary, vintage, boho, warm, etc.

All you have to do is pick and choose pieces that align with your theme and meet your expectations.


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