5 Wooden Wall Hanging Items to Decorate Your Home

There is no doubt that vintage wooden wall decor is back on trend! From royal lettering to beautiful hanging wall frames to gorgeous hanging banners, charming wood accents not only add an elegant touch to your dwelling, but can also bring intricate charm to its uniqueness while making your dwelling more lively and lively. All it takes is a little time to master the art of nailing this wall hanging decor and you will get the feeling of royal heritage in your home! To help you redecorate your space with wooden wall hangings, here are 5 wall hanging decorations that will add just the right amount of contrast and old school vibes to your space, too in style.

calligraphy quotes

Arabic calligraphy printed quotes on wooden wall hanging is the most popular way to beautify the walls of your home. A blank white canvas with a nude wood border and black personalized prints brings an elegant touch to your home while adding a personal touch. You can add a vase in pastel colors in front of it on a side table to make the look more attractive.

bleached marks

White painted signs show off the effect of rustic stained wood. Color block touching white tones on neutral wood looks inviting and elevates the look of your overall space. Right from personal quotes, initials, and different messages for different rooms – there’s plenty to choose from! You can also choose this option as a nameplate for your home.

wooden arrows

Upgrade your monotonous walls by placing wooden arrows hanging on the wall. These are the perfect accents to a family photo gallery wall or can be hung in the kitchen as well. Want a more modern look? Paint and complement the shapes with your home’s look to create a clean look.

Moroccan wood prints

Moroccan-inspired wall hangings center around large, bold motifs and patterns. When it comes to interiors, it’s not always about how to modify large luxury items or cabinets to play with style, little things like walls can make a big difference! Large dramatic print wall hangings or colorful and relaxing handcrafted accents evoked by Moroccan bravery incorporate fresh flair into your space while sprucing it up right.

Moroccan wood prints

wooden letters pallete

Do boring nooks and crannies annoy you? If yes, then this painting of wooden letters can be hung next to an entryway stand or table to cover dull wall corners in a sophisticated and clever way.

wooden letters pallete

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