6 Reasons Why The New Pirch’s OC Show Is A Design Lover’s Dream

Located in Mission Viejo, the home design giant’s newest showroom birch now open! Latest addition to birchSix other locations in Southern California, the all-new space puts its cadre of elevated lifestyle hardware brands on full display for a new district of home décor enthusiasts. Whether you have recently started buying or building a home or your current space needs a facelift, birch It is a one-stop shop for all the latest home design essentials. Birch Gallery in Mission Viejo

Endless Kitchen Inspo

Dazzling lifestyle kitchen offerings, sponsored by birch It’s designed to showcase choices for high-end kitchen appliances – including trends like stackable steam ovens, stovetop grills, industrial restaurant-style refrigerators, and over-the-counter wine storage. Browse a range of at-home kitchen styles to suit individual tastes, from traditional retro designs like glossy teal to modern minimalist aesthetics with all appliances and cabinetry camouflaged for a unified look.

Birch Gallery in Mission Viejo

It’s all in the details

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

“The desire for more options is much higher [these days]”, Says birch Vice President of Marketing Jane Hodges. The possibilities for details like cabinet hardware, faucets, and shower heads seem endless. Beating a typical range of gold or chrome drawer pulls and fixtures, the hardware display is a true feast for the eyes, featuring all sorts of colours, materials and finishes. These fixtures range from sleek, contemporary fixtures to vintage 1920s touches and come in a rainbow of mixed metals, matte finishes, and unique candy-coated pastel shades.

Senazi devices

Hodges says, “A lot of people who have butler kitchens now use this space for a beverage center, or they [putting one] In a large room or even a small room in a master suite — somewhere away from the kitchen. With all the trappings of a traditional bar, like a custom sink, dishwasher, and mini wine fridge, the bar trend has expanded to include coffee fixtures and options for storing and displaying beer and wine.

local insight: According to Hodges, some of the recent home trends include pizza ovens, in-house dry cleaning, smart self-cleaning toilets, as well as unique aesthetic options like leather-bound appliances.

Birch Gallery in Mission Viejo

Luxurious bathroom fixtures

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Among the impressive bathroom features (like the display of jetted bathtubs and the sauna/steam room combination) is the full marble wall display of the shower heads. Each piece is fitted to showcase luxurious water features that can turn any ordinary bathroom into a dream spa. birch The knowledgeable team is ready to consult on the exact type of plumbing and valves needed for each mechanism and can assist with everything from design to installation.

outer space upgrades

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

The outdoor spaces are undergoing a major upgrade as it is one of the aspects of daily life that we have turned to during the COVID era. “People who may have only bought a grill in the past are now doing a full outdoor kitchen,” Hodges says. “In Southern California, there’s a year-round opportunity to use outdoor spaces, and especially in these pandemic times, I think people are saying, ‘I want to have this space where I’m not jeopardizing anyone’s health. Expect to find everything imaginable for outdoor entertaining, from stove tops to beverage dispensers.

Birch Gallery in Mission Viejo

live demonstrations

In the new Mission Viejo showroom, birch Chefs will provide live cooking demonstrations by preparing dishes in the in-store fresco. With 12 different grill manufacturers to choose from, a live demo is the perfect way to get a feel for how each device works. “We even have people who bought appliances two or three years ago, and they come back and say, ‘I bought this steam oven, but I never used it; show me how it works?”’ Hodges says.

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Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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