7 home withdrawals from IKEA you should be aware of

While food recalls are widely advertised, other in-store products are subject to recall notices as well. IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has made several recalls in recent years, affecting everyday household essentials. Baseboards, wardrobes, ceiling lights, chairs, and even a pet water dispenser have been the target of the recalls. Although some of these recalls are outdated, many of these products may still be found in homes across the United States.

IKEA products will be more widely available after the company announced plans to spend $3 billion on new downtown locations in North America and Europe, according to reports. from the inside. Although the company is notorious for building mega stores outside of major cities, the company wants to adapt to the changing retail landscape by opening locations where customers can buy small items and order furniture for home delivery.

IKEA saw online sales up 73% in 2021 and hopes the convenience stores will help city-dwellers get their orders quickly. “We see many of our stores playing a dual role, giving our customers the best of both physical and online retail, and the investment will support not only an inspiring IKEA in-store experience but also faster and affordable shipping of online orders directly,” said Tolga Onko, Director of Retail Operations. In the Ingka Group, on May 9 “from our stores”.

IKEA customers may still have some of the following products recalled in their homes. Scroll to see some of the important recent recalls that customers should be aware of.

Plates and mugs from HEROISK and TALRIKA

Last year, IKEA pulled bowls, plates, and mugs from HEROISK and TALRIKA because they can become brittle and break. This may cause hot food or liquids to spill out, resulting in burns. One incident was reported in the US, although the customer was not injured. Products were sold in stores between August 2019 and May 2021.

KULLEN suits

IKEA recalled KULLEN dresser chest with 3 drawers in birch and black/brown because the boxes can become unstable if they are not fixed to the wall. This would cause them to tip over and make them dangerous for young children. If you have a box, you can contact IKEA for a wall mount kit or a full refund. The boxes were sold in stores between April 2005 and December 2019. Any box imported after August 19, 2019, does not meet the updated US Consensus Standards.

CALYPSO ceiling lamp

IKEA recalled the CALYPSO ceiling lamp in September 2018 because it could separate from ceilings and fall. 19 such incidents have been reported in the United States, three of which resulted in minor injuries. The recalled lamps had manufacture codes between 1625 and 1744 (YYWW) and were sold in stores between August 2016 and July 2018.

LURVIG Pet Water Cooler

In July 2018, IKEA announced a disturbing recall of the LURVIG pet water dispenser. The company has received two reports worldwide of tragic incidents with a choking pet having its head stuck in the dispenser. The product was sold in US stores between October 2017 and June 2018.

MALM . Hairstyle

IKEA has recalled many cupboards in the past due to fears of overturning. In November 2017, the company recalled all MALM safes and chests because they could become unstable if not properly attached to the wall. It can tip over and become a trap risk for young children. Customers can get a refund or contact IKEA for free wall mounting services. About 17.3 million MALM units are outdated in the US prior to the recall.

MYSINGSÖ beach chair

IKEA recalled MYSINGSÖ beach chairs made before February 2017. The company has received 13 reports of people improperly reassembling chairs around the world. In 10 cases, there were injuries, including 6 related to finger amputation. One case of fingertip amputation was reported in the US MYSINGSÖ produced after February 2017, involved plastic plugs that made it impossible to reassemble incorrectly.

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