8 Modern Homes Inspired by the “Don’t Worry Baby” Collections

8 Modern Homes Inspired by the “Don’t Worry Baby” Collections

Don't worry dear homes
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do not worry my loveOlivia Wilde’s surprising new movie starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh not only draws attention to its glamorous cast (and all their drama), but also to its beautiful setting. Wilde and production designer Katie Byron features a variety of stunning mid-century homes and buildings to fill the film’s backdrop in 1950s California.

While promoting the film, Wilde praised her scouting position for securing Richard Neutra’s Kaufman desert home, the famous Palm Springs home captured in Slim Aaron’s “Poolside Gossip,” as the setting for a pivotal festive scene. When I was writing do not worry my love Wilde said, “I had a print of ‘Poolside Gossip’ on my wall and…kind of written it like a Kaufman house-like setting.” diverse. “They never made a movie there so there was leaked…[shooting the first scene there] It felt like a really auspicious start to this movie, which was a love letter not just for the movie but for architecture, design and into this era.”

If the cool lines, airy interiors, and poolside views of this modern icon make you look for more, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight homes from our archives that grace the palette of the elegant and poignant era of design, including a handful of excellent examples from the Golden State.

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This stunning 1957 venue, located in the Thunderbird Heights area of ​​Rancho Mirage, California, could easily have been an alternative location. Don’t worry my love Poolside party scene. landlordAnd the Paul Boschetto, used Los Angeles-based designer Sheldon Hart to capture the era’s charm in the interior. “I love history, and this is a busy place,” Boschetto told us.
Floor-to-ceiling glass? Polished terrazzo floors? Retro pool? This house has all the drama (except for the gossip) from do not worry my love Designation. Architect Luis Fernandez changed this Beverly Hills property, a former residence of Risk! HostAlex Trebek, while preserving the distinctive mid-century architecture. “For me,” says Fernandez.this is She lives in California.”

Palm Springs Stadium

While this modern home in the desert of Palm Springs, designed by Studio AR&D and Sam Cardella, is brand new, its inspiration comes from its mid-century neighbors, including Don’t worry my love Kaufman House. “We wanted it to be contemporary,” said homeowner Mark Walters. “We love the quietness of the flat roof and how it makes a sculpture outside.”
California-based architecture firm Kovac Design Studio designed a sprawling retreat in La Quinta, California, outside Palm Springs for Hollywood agent Todd Feldman. The home’s airy interiors look like they could perfectly accommodate a scene starring Styles and Pugh.
While the Hamptons home of Daryl and Irwin Simon, designed by Poonam Khanna and A+I Architecture, may not have desert panoramas and palm trees, its sleek modern design is suitable for a movie screen.
No wonder the designers David Wasco and Sandy Reynolds, who created collections for both The Royal Teenenbombs And the no no land, would have a mid-century 1956 movie-setting home in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. “We feel that our work is also about preserving Los Angeles, so that 50 or 100 years from now people can see what the city looks like,” Wasko told us.
The shou sugi ban Long Island home designed by architects Blaze Makoid and Joe Nahem is a brand new residence, but with its column-free interiors, glass spaces, and outdoor terraces, it gives us do not worry my love Feelings all day long.
This Arizona home may be contemporary, but according to designer David Netto, who was tapped to renovate, the interiors harness the best design lessons of Richard Neutra. “It’s an old Neutra hoax: the illusion that modernity can make for a real outdoor living fantasy,” says Netto. We – or the cast do not worry my love –You will live happily in this luxurious oasis.
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