9 Gilded Era homes for sale in the US right now

In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the United States entered the “golden age” – an era of great wealth inequality and industrial boom.

Across the states, the railroad, freight, and banking business experienced a massive expansion, with profits channeled to a few wealthy families who came to represent the top 1% of earners in the country.

This powerful elite built stately homes and threw lavish balls and parties out of their lands, like the Vanderbilts, who were considered American “royal”. Their lavish portfolio included the 10 (now demolished) mansions on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and the Châteauesque-style Biltmore estate in North Carolina, which their descendants still own today.

The gilded mansions symbolize the opulence of the era, with designs that mimic and even surpass the French and Italian mansions that were modeled on them. We have curated a collection of 9 historic homes for sale that convey the history and glamor of the times – on different levels.

A Beaux-Arts country house in Manhattan with a terracotta facade

Photography: the compass

7 Bedrooms $6.25 Million Via Compass
No expense was spared to create the richly decorated Upper West Side Beaux-Arts home, which was built in 1901 by Horgan and Slattery. The six-story house is made of oak anchoring its high ceilings, pocket doors between reception rooms that provide flexible entertaining spaces, and dramatic windows that cast southern light. Meanwhile, the facade has a Venetian Renaissance-influenced terracotta facade on a light brick elevation.

An Italian architect’s villa in Rhode Island

Rhode Island property for sale via Vanderbilt International Properties
Photo: Vanderbilt International Estates

8 Bedrooms $8 Million via Vanderbilt International Property
In the 1850s, architect Samuel Powel designed and built this Newport Italianate villa for himself, planting specimens of trees on its 2.2-acre grounds, to give it long vistas and a permanent change of sides. The renovated red brick beauty faces a monolithic veranda and has small columns above its windows and doors, located in the garden grounds. Named Merrillton, it had several distinguished owners as well, including singer and Broadway star Jane Pickens.

Emily Thorne Vanderbilt Summer Residence in Massachusetts

Emily Vanderbilt's estate in Berkshire
Photography: John C. Barbato

18 Bedrooms $12.5 Million by John C. Barbato
This 1886 red-roofed, cobblestone country estate was built on 89 acres in Berkshire, for the types of New York community, Emily Thorne Vanderbilt and her husband, William D. Sloan. (Emily’s paternal grandfather was Cornelius, patriarch of the Vanderbilt family.) Elm Court has been expanded over time and has more than 65 rooms, including a wealth of entertainment spaces, including a stately ballroom. Its grounds, by Frederick Law Olmsted, have woodlands, follicles, and framed vistas that end in a lily pond and an array of outbuildings.

Park Avenue duplex with large salon

Park Avenue duplex with large salon
Photography: John C. Barbato

2 bedrooms; $3.95 million by John C. Barbato
Step into the fantasy world of Gilded Age New York at this Manhattan property, built by Beaux-Arts architect Stanford White and refining with designer Matthew White’s renovation. highlight it? The large salon has an oak ceiling and moldings decorated with diamond carvings and a wide open fireplace. Dim light streams from towering lead and stained-glass windows as a wooden staircase hovers to a library mezzanine. Velvet emerald upholstery and flock wallpaper play with the atmosphere of a whiskey members club.

Clapboard Italianate House in Brooklyn

Photography: Douglas Elliman

5 Bedrooms $3.75 Million via Douglas Elliman

A large portico lends a stately feel to the historic Clinton Hill Italianate blue slate house, which stands out among its red-brick neighbors. Renovated by Ebenezer L Roberts in the 1860s, the townhouse has a sunlit saloon under high ceilings, restored moldings, and roof arches above the recesses and between rooms. An elevated terrace offers shade and “secret garden” views of hydrangeas, roses, lilacs, and magnolia trees.

1885 Kansas Red Brick with Luxurious Rooms

Through the houses of the missiles

5 Bedrooms $745,000 via Rocket Homes
This 1885 Kansas estate has lawns, tree-lined avenue, and wood-lined interiors that look straight out of the Gilded Age movie, all for a bargain price of $745,000. The red brick house has a deep and impressive veranda with columns, single and bay windows, and attic porches with prominent roof pitches. Meanwhile, the paneled entrance hall has a grand staircase and coffered ceiling with crests, all in dark wood. Entrance doors in stained glass and glossy gold wallpaper add extra luxury.

Denver mansion in white stucco with updated elevator

1130 E 7th Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80218
through captivating homes

6-bedroom, $4.995 million by Captivating Houses
Designed by Fisher & Fisher, this stately five-bedroom home in Colorado at sunset from the Golden Age, completed it in 1904 with wrought-iron gates, a double-arched center window, and handcrafted woodwork. There is a large painted ceiling over a double wooden staircase in the hallway while a ceiling covered with a chandelier lights up in the reception room. The modified elevator to all four floors creates an accessible design. Meanwhile, the chef’s kitchen, wine cellar, home cinema, and home gym give the home a modern feel.

A colorful wood-lined mansion in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Late Victorian 4 Crocus Hill for sale in St Paul MN
Via Edina Realty

7 Bedrooms $2 Million via Edina Realty Inc

The exterior of this 1886-built St Paul estate in Crocus Hill features geometric clustering, shaping windows, chimney stacks and gables, in vibrant greens and oranges. The elegant storybook house has a kosher gate between its stately entrances, which flow through a series of serene rooms, complete with natural woodwork, lacquer, and sun-kissed stained glass feature. Most noticeable is the working tubular member housed in a sunroom-style space. The family room on the top floor overlooks the skyline and the Mississippi River Valley.

Apartment in Detroit in a converted mansion in 1882

ViaProperties Detroit

3 Bedrooms $989,000 via @Properties Detroit

This Brush Park apartment is located in the famous home of Frederic Butler, which is based on the French Renaissance style of the Second Empire, with its elaborate sloping roof and clear lines. The renovated and updated apartment retains its historical ambiance and curvilinear features. Arched double doors open to spacious proportions, tall windows pour in light and a marble-and-iron fireplace with rounded edges forms the centerpiece of the living room.

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