A $7,000 debit card was stolen from a locked parked car in Jackson, NJ

JACKSON – Thieves took $7,000 in cash and technology from a locked car parked in a driveway early Sunday morning.

It was one of several crimes related to an escaped blue Audi.

Jackson police were alerted to the blue sedan with no headlights and no license plates after Manalapan police attempted to stop it following an accident on Monmouth Road. The car was heading west toward Jackson.

Surveillance video showed a blue car driving on Imperial Place as the homeowner called the police around 9am to report that his 2022 Mercedes-Benz had been broken into on his driveway.

Cash was left in the car, a Fendi business backpack, a Microsoft laptop, iPhone, Apple Air Pods, and a debit card from the car. The resident’s bank has contacted the resident’s bank that a withdrawal has been attempted from their account using a debit card.

A resident told police that there were no signs of forced entry, adding that there were no reports of other burglaries.

An hour later, a Denton Lane resident told police he found the unlocked 2019 Genesis had been moved and left in the bottom of his driveway. A video from the dash cam inside the luxury car shows it being operated by someone and brought home. There was nothing missing from Genesis, according to the owner.

So he stole the gas

Earlier, a blue QuickChek sedan left on Leesville Road without paying $40 worth of gas. The host told police that four men in the car were wearing black jackets, black ski masks, and black gloves with white markings.

On his way to QuickChek, an officer saw the car turned around and sped down Freehold Road. Another officer saw an Audi traveling up to 80 mph on Cassville Road as it crossed into Milestone.

Jackson Police have asked anyone with additional information on Sunday morning’s events to call 732-928-1111.

Anti-theft and car burglary increase

As cities across New Jersey, in both suburban and urban areas, have seen a spike in car thefts over the past two years, law enforcement and state government officials have suggested solutions. Officials say the perpetrators are getting bolder, targeting not only vehicles, but people and homes as well.

Monmouth County officials met Tuesday to encourage a statewide move toward tougher sentences for inmates.

“We need tougher penalties. We can’t continue to catch and release when it comes to vehicle theft,” said Monmouth County Sheriff Sean Golden, using a term that mocks changes to the bail system in place under Governor Chris Christie. “There is something to be done to stop the madness.”

Over the past week, state officials announced plans to spend $10 million in federal funds initially earmarked for pandemic relief to help more police departments obtain automated license plate readers.

High-speed automated camera systems capture and store computer-readable images of license plates in a central database that can be accessed by law enforcement. The technology will be installed in both fixed locations and on mobile units.

Previous reports by Michael Simmons and Dino Flamia have been used in this report.

Dan Alexander is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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