A house in Pennsylvania listed for $297,000 comes with a huge cave built in it. Take a look inside.

Exterior of home for sale in Marietta, Pennsylvania.Century 21 Home Advisors

  • A listed house for $297,000 in Marietta, Pennsylvania, has a door that leads into a rocky cave.

  • The three-bedroom home has gone viral on Zillow Gone Wild, a social media account that highlights individual homes.

  • The real estate agent told Insider that the seller built the house with his late wife.

The wooden door in Marietta’s Pennsylvania home does not lead to a guest bedroom, wine cellar, or furnished cellar. Instead, the door opens to a rock-clad cave. It is currently on the market for $297,000.

21st Century Agent Natalia Latsios told Insider she cleared up the cave when she first heard about the 2,178-square-foot home. Then she said she saw it herself.

“I was imagining something much smaller,” she said, pointing at the cave. “But this cave was about 40 feet long.”

Leading to the cave is a large wooden door.

A large wooden door leads into a 40-foot-high cave.Century 21 Home Advisors

According to Latsios, the seller rebuilt much of the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with his late wife. Together, the couple raised four boys at home.

Latsios said the cave was already there when the seller bought the property. “It was connected to tunnels that passed under the city,” she said.

Lancaster Online, a local news outlet, has reported speculation that it was once part of the Railroad Underground, or may have been a bomb shelter.

But Karen Baker Sullivan, a board member of Marietta Community House, told Lancaster Online, any stories are hearsay.

Outside the unusual house cave, there are two additional floors of the house. Throughout the house, Latsios said you’ll find a mix of eclectic and modern styles. Visitors enter the house through the kitchen. The living room, where the entrance to the cave is located, has an open layout. The upper floor consists of three bedrooms, and the main bedroom has a marble bathroom with a Juliet balcony.

Latsios said that the unusual nature of the house made it difficult to price. She said homes in Marietta can range from new homes starting at $150,000 to larger historic homes that sell for over $500,000.

Latsios added that they have landed on a mid-range price and are anticipating an offer after the home received interest over the weekend.

inside the cave.

inside the cave.Century 21 Home Advisors

Zillow Gone Wild, a group of popular social media accounts highlighting unusual properties listed on the real estate site, shared photos of the house on Monday.

On Instagram, where Zillow Gone Wild has 1.4 million followers, a post about the cave house had nearly 39,000 likes as of Tuesday.

On Facebook, where the account has 845,000 followers, the post showing the house has garnered more than 7,000 likes and 3,100 shares.

In the comment sections on both Instagram and Facebook, users joked about the cave home.

One person wrote: “I love the way they put those pictures in the middle and then proceeded with the rest of the home tour as if they didn’t look just an absolute dungeon hidden behind that door.”

Another added, “I mean, if they want to sell it, they should advertise it as a cutout room, guaranteed to get your kids listening.”

“It’s definitely not a space for everyone,” Latsios said. “But there will be someone who will appreciate the historical value of the house.”

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