A-List Interiors’ collaboration with Dora Maar is a perfect match

Courtesy of Anelle Gandelman, A-List Interiors

Local interior designer Anelle Gandeman collaborates with Dora Maar, an online platform for luxury second-hand and home fashion.

Fashion often intersects with the home. New Rochelle-based interior designer Anelle Gandelman of A-List Interiors is exploring this connection with her latest collaboration with Dora Maar, an online platform for luxury and home fashion with a focus on creating an intentional, sustainable future for fashion.

Dora Maar’s mission is to share the history, stories, and people behind the clothes. The brand has created the Muse Network, giving consumers the opportunity to shop in curated wardrobes from influential fashion tastemakers—Gandelman is one.

Gandelman describes her style as “liberating.” She continues, “My personal style isn’t over the top. You don’t want it to be boring, so it’s somewhere in the middle—it’s very tailored.”

Inspired by fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and Chanel and designers like Thomas Pheasant and Kelly Wearstler, this South African likens her style to interior design: “If you’re putting a lot in a room or in an outfit, you can kind of tone down the grandeur of certain pieces. I think you need a point. Pivotal. That’s my style with everything.”

Courtesy of Anelle Gandelman, A-List Interiors

For this collaboration, Gandelman has partnered with Freddie, an interior design community that helps designers build their brands and make new connections through exclusive newsletters, interior design inspiration, and expert advice.

“It’s such a wonderful support to the arm of this … company and to do many other things for designers,” Gandelman says. “There are a lot of crossovers that come into things like home and fashion and designers, and you see fashion designers launching home collections.”

Gandelman’s Dora Maar collection includes pieces like oversized Alexander McQueen sunglasses, a Chloe shoulder bag, Romo cushions, and a set of two Graccioza hand towels.

On her ability to showcase her curated collection through Dora Maar and her partnership with Freddie, Gandelman’s word is excitement. “I think one of the coolest things about being an interior designer is that you really make a difference in people’s lives,” she said excitedly.

You can see more of Anelle’s Closet on the Dora Maar website.

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