Abode expands its smart home footprint with a video doorbell and color smart bulb

The people of Abode must have a busy 2021. The company announced the first video doorbell And the Affordable full-color LED smart bulb at CES today. The doorbell joins the Abode Cam 2 we reviewed in August 2021; Like this one, you’ll get the most out of it by subscribing to the Abode Standard or Pro plan. As such, it is best viewed as a component of the broader home security system. There is nothing wrong with that – we hold these systems in high regard.
The Abode wireless video doorbell is battery powered, which is good news for homes without existing wired doorbells. It is enclosed in a weatherproof IP65 casing, which means it is impermeable to dust and can withstand being sprayed with a powerful jet of water. It mounts to the wall with a lockable mounting bracket that will thwart almost any theft attempt.

The camera connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and captures 2K video. There is support for live viewing and two-way communication, of course, and it comes with a tactile push button to notify the visitor. The camera is equipped with a starlight image sensor for full color night vision, and it supports Abode Smart Detection, which can distinguish a person from other moving objects in its field of view. Abode says it will add PET detection and packages in a future firmware update.

As with many video bells today, including all Ring models, you’ll need one of the aforementioned paid subscription plans to record videos to the cloud when motion is detected or a visitor presses its button; Otherwise, you will only get the essence of life from the camera. Abode Standard plans cost $6 per month, Adobe Pro plans cost $20 per month, but the latter plan includes professional monitoring if you also have a larger home security system in Abode. This is very much in line with similar systems, and unlocks the Abode Cue automation engine that allows you to create rule-based automation.

Abode expects to ship the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell in April, when it will retail for $80.

Abode is expanding its smart home offering with its first LED smart bulb.

color bulb seat

Abode’s new colorful LED smart light can either connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or to your Wi-Fi network. Either way, there’s no need for a smart home center or Wi-Fi bridge. The full-colour, dimmable bulb produces 800 lumens of brightness and you can adjust its white light over a range of 1800K (warm white) to 6500K ultra-cool. Abode Color Bulbs are available now and ship as two bundles for $30.

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell and Abode Color Bulb both provide full support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The doorbell can broadcast live video to any type of smart display, and you can control the Abode Color Bulb using voice commands. HomeKit support was not mentioned in the press release, so we’re assuming that neither product supports it. If this assumption is incorrect, we will update this story.

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