Additional property tax and rent rebate will arrive soon to eligible Pennsylvanians

Older Pennsylvanians with disabilities who qualify for the state’s property tax and rental property tax deduction program have been waiting to know when they can expect the one-time bonus deduction to arrive.

On Tuesday, the Department of Government Revenue announced that it expects to start mailing or direct depositing additional rebates to those who received their original rebates in early September. They do not need to reapply or take any other action.

Additional one-time rebates will be equal to 70% of the original amount earned by income-eligible seniors or individuals with permanent disabilities aged 18 or over.

“This is a logical way to provide a portion of Pennsylvania’s federal COVID-19 relief funding to some of the most vulnerable residents across the Commonwealth,” said Governor Tom Wolfe. “By using this money to inject one-time funding for the property/rent tax rebate program, we can improve the lives of Pennsylvania residents who are still recovering in many ways from the pandemic.”

The size of the rewards varies based on income levels. Homeowners with a qualifying income of less than $8,000 will receive a bonus of $455; $8,001 to $15,000, additional $350; From $15,001 to $18,000, an additional $210; and $18,001 to $35,000, an additional $175. Renters with qualifying incomes of up to $8,000 will receive an additional $455 and those with incomes between $8001 and $15,000, an additional $350 deductible.

Funding for the additional rebates, which is expected to collectively cost $140 million, comes from federal US bailout bills the state has received.

Those who received their tax deduction and rent paid in 2021 by mid-August can expect to receive bonus payments the same way they chose to receive the original deduction, either by mail or direct deposit.

Those whose application for the discount is still being processed or they have not submitted their application until mid-August, will receive the original discount and the bonus discount in the same batch.

Applications for the discount program are available online through myPATH, the online filing system for the Department of Revenue. Paper applications can be obtained from the department’s county offices, legislators’ offices, senior centers, local area agencies related to aging or through the department’s website at

Discount program requests will be processed through the end of the year.

According to the House Republican Appropriations Committee, more than 444,000 claims were paid for this program in 2020 for a total of more than $213 million. The median discount for homeowners was $442 while the median discount for renters was $554.

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