After Harvey, the hero couple embrace a new style on the golf course

When the home of champions Pam and Morgan Gottsbones was left with three feet of standing water from Hurricane Harvey, their decision was easy: sell and move to higher ground.

After spending some time on rentals, they finally found a lot with an old house – still in Heroes’ District, but at a higher altitude that felt safer for future floods. Beginning with the home and furnishings, they opted to update the style with lighter colors, larger windows, and more luxurious finishes.

One day finding themselves sitting on a small patio in the backyard of their new home, they had just finished framing and installing the electrics early on, realizing they were over their heads when faced with the dozens of decisions they had to make.

For one year they moved to the Galleria area, where they lived in an apartment, and enjoyed a different social scene and different mobility. Although Pam, 69—who works at COLA, a lab certification company—has long been working from home, Morgan, now 70 and retired, worked for Apache Corp. In the National Oil and Gas Marketing and was traded for an hour by car, for a five minute walk.

They spent a lot of time searching for homes for sale, but they couldn’t find what they wanted.

Pam loved the neighborhood heroes and wanted to return to her suburban lifestyle, so when the lease expired, the couple found a tiny house for rent not far from the plot of land they had bought for a new home. They demolished the existing home on a plot – a place that had been vacant for many years – and hired Jason Penberthy of Penberthy Custom Builders to create a new home that was Mediterranean on the outside but more modern on the inside.

It was Penberthy who saw the Gottsponers stuck and suggested bringing in an interior designer he had been working with on other projects, Lauren Grumbles of Lauren Grumbles Design based in Tomball. She helped them finalize their paint, tile, and lighting choices, find ceiling treatments, organize the kitchen and furnish the house.

They were able to finish the house by December 2019 and then hosted the Super Bowl party in February 2020 shortly before the coronavirus pandemic hit, closing many businesses and putting an end to social gatherings.

The couple, married for 46 years, had lived in a 4,400-square-foot home before and opted for a new, slightly smaller 3,500-square-foot home with four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

Both Bam and Morgan are from Laken, Kansas, a small town in the southwest corner of that state. They knew each other in high school, but didn’t date until later, after Morgan returned home from duty in Vietnam. Although they transferred a fair amount of Morgan jobs, they had been in the Houston area since 1987.

They had decided that this would be their last home, so the aging procedures in place were also important. This means that it is ADA compliant, switches are fewer, entrances are wider, and bathrooms have no thresholds to be skipped.

Although they’re not back in full party mode, they do have friends for brunch on the weekends, so Morgan, who does most of the cooking, can run his new kitchen.

The main living area features an open concept, large windows overlooking the backyard, a spacious patio with pool and hot tub, outdoor kitchen, living and dining areas all with great views as the house is located on the 10th hole of the Champions Golf Club Jackrabbit golf course.

The kitchen has a large, curved island with plenty of prep space and a six-burner Thermador range with tray and drawer warmer. Instead of flaunting an expensive custom-made steel hood, they had a wood version that was beaded to look like it had a metallic finish. The range hood was painted by Luxe Fine Finishes, who also did some wall and ceiling treatments in other parts of the house.

The large pantry has a small wall that pulls out to reveal a secret storage space. Pam laughs that when toilet paper was in short supply, this secret room was where she stowed her precious stash, but the truth is that during a heavy storm, Pam, Morgan, and their Labrador retriever, Birdie, were huddled in this small center but-room of the house.

While the surrounding cabinets are painted white (“Calm” by Benjamin Moore), the island and some built-in cabinetry in the living room are in dark gray and blue, Sherwin-Williams’ “Outside Space.”

The Gottsboneners use the words “dark” and “brown” to describe their former home, a home that was decorated when dark decor was more common. But they are tired of it and are ready to replace this heavy style.

It destroyed most of their flooded home’s furniture, so they needed to start over anyway. There are now some antiques and family pieces they got in the guest bedrooms along with old family photos and a closet full of quilts made by Pam’s mother.

The living room has a blue velvet sofa with indigo trim and a pair of white striped club chairs. The hearth is surrounded by a molded stone surmounted by a cobblestone that extends up the wall.

One of the biggest conversations was whether you had ceiling fans: Pam loves them, and Morgan doesn’t. When Lauren sided with Morgan, they set out to search for good-looking candelabra, pendants, and chandeliers instead.

Still, Pam wanted cool ceiling treatments, so a pretty chandelier in their dining area hangs from a vaulted surface with faux paint. The living room has a coffered ceiling, Pam’s desk has a crisscross grid of rafters and the back corridor features tiled tiles.

In the basic bedroom, they wanted a gorgeous bathroom that included a deep soaking tub with its faux-coated ceiling, beautiful tiles behind the vanity, and an indoor and outdoor shower with stone walls.

The couple loves to vacation in the Caribbean, and Morgan said that nearly everywhere they stayed had an outdoor bathroom, so when they were planning their new home, he wanted one here, too. The bonus is that it works as an easy dog ​​wash station with minimal cleaning.

The natural stone vessel sink Pam fell in love with set the tone for the powdery bathroom, as they used granite with dramatic gray-and-white veining, a more dark blue paint with a lattice metal screen on the cabinet and a pair of pendants with clusters of light that looked even more dramatic on the wall mirror.

The game room also serves as a family room, and the layout of this space was modified after Grumbles joined the board. It was initially designed to have a full service bar with a counter for prep work, but it would have taken up so much space that they probably didn’t have room for a sitting area and a table and chairs either.

They downsized the bar to have back wall cabinets with a sink, leaving more room for guest seating. This is the room in which the Gottsponers watch TV, so the machined shades on the French windows and doors allow it to be dark when they want to. The lift-up coffee table is also used as a dining spot for a couple when only the two of them are at home.

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