AJ Student Award 2022: Architectural Association

About the College of Architecture

Site London WC1 Courses Pilot Program BA (Hons), Diploma, MSc Program School Manager Mark Morris full time teachers 13 part time teachers 254 the students 1004 Staff to Student Ratio 1: 4


Cindy Dogaca

a path BA (Hons) Pilot Program
Studio / Unit Brief Models of collective life: Artifacts of mass disorder (module 08)
Project Title In between the grid: housing in the gaps of the Barcelona blocks

Project Description Influenced by 19th century notions of the city as a machine, the Ildefons Cerdà system of Barcelona’s urban grid is governed by repetition and standardization, making its spaces highly calculated and ‘automatic’. Emotion and thought get lost in the monotony. This project aims to deconstruct repetition by offering a way to experience everyday life more consciously, challenging network rules and essentially creating the “unfamiliar.”

Quote from the teacher The Sindi project contributes to solving the housing shortage in an unusually creative way. Drawing on surrealist art techniques and challenging Barcelona’s central network, the project creates an alternative inner network for the unexpected, where new relationships can emerge. Nuria Alvarez Lombardero and Francisco Gonzalez de Canales


Thomas Faulkner

a path Diploma
a program MArch Studio/Unit Brief I’d Rather Not Do (Diploma 1)
Project Title The Art of Getting: From Domestic Violence to Social Housing

Project Description This project responds to the increase in domestic violence due to the lockdown and the increase in work at home following the pandemic. He asks how the architecture can support recovery after abuse. After interviews with survivors and with experts in domestic violence, the project proposes amendments to social housing provided to survivors under the 2021 Domestic Violence Act. Using predominantly timber construction, the proposal creates an architectural support for recovery with elevation as a safety lintel, communal facilities, atypical windows, soft wall cladding and split staircases.

Quote from the teacher Thomas tackles a difficult topic with a project based on extensive interviews with survivors of domestic violence. These first-person accounts illustrate how the home and its elements are the site and tools used to perpetrate violence. Throughout the project, he showed sensitivity, understanding and interest. Mirage Ahmed and Martin Jameson

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