All 13 Twisted Masquerade Masks, in order

The Twisted Masquerade started in Dead By Daylight. And with it, we get some cool bonuses, some decorations, a small folder and of course some nice cosmetics, mostly various masks that you can earn during the experience.

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While they look great and are a good incentive to survive even in the worst matches, some are cooler than others, either because of how well they refer to their traditions, or simply how good they look or both. Which masks will catch the eye and make you talk about the experience and which ones are dull? Here they are all arranged.

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13 and trickster

Of all the masks, The Trickster’s is the most delightful. Just look at it: the grotesque grin, grinning like Jim Carrey’s The Mask paired with a cartoon grimace, and rivets and folds meant to evoke gilded cloth and feathers, it all looks as expensive as it is ugly.

It has a strange meaning, because it is clearly intended to evoke the image of comedy and tragic masks of classic theater and The Trickster is nothing if not dramatic. And the perception of feathers is also in line, because he loves the peacock very much, but he is also supposed to be beautiful – someone handsome enough to lure his victims and this mask is not.

12 Ice Visconti

Ace Visconti is a born gambler who gets lucky with the skin of his teeth scratched, and his lore is filled with stories of his time in Las Vegas. So in this respect, his mask is very apt in terms of theme. It’s just a shame that it looks so tacky.

Sure, the gold accents give it an air of aristocratic legitimacy, and the card suit accents on the main body of the mask are a nice touch. If only they had stopped there. Unfortunately, much like Ace himself, the designers pushed their luck, adding horrific cards to the sides, and pushed this mask into the Party City deal basket area.

11 Spirit

This mask, in theory, is pretty cool. It’s an Oni mask made in the Twisted Masquerade style, and it’s a nice nod to the soul’s heritage. The shredded pieces of the mask floating around are also a nice visual nod to the torn, lumped together Rin Yamaoka.

If you weren’t such a mess. There is so much going on and it’s hard to say what it’s supposed to be, so it looks like a mess of gold nuggets approaching a mask.

10 Michaela Read

Mikaela’s mask is nice, but a little disappointing, as it lacks any of her already well-established visual style. The star is cute, but they missed an opportunity to add some crescent moon accents, or even a black cat if they wanted to flaunt their Halloween witch aesthetic.

Instead, we get a relatively ordinary mask that, while not ugly, looks like a missed opportunity. Even worse, it comes paired with her standard hat and thick hair, so an already ordinary mask is hard to see.

9 the hunter

The Trapper Mask has a simple elegance, essentially serving as a high-end disguise version of his virtual mask, radiating the danger and brutality of his virtual appearance, but with a bit of aristocratic sophistication.

It’s easy, too, but not in an unpleasant way. It’s better to look like this, rather than trying to put bear traps into the design and push them into a glowing area. It’s a shame that he doesn’t have a full mask-based costume, because his usual outfits strongly contrast with him.

8 Hadi Kor

Haddie is supposed to be one of the guests of honor on this little evening thrown by The Entity, the other being The Dredge, so it’s sad to have one of the simplest masks ever. Granted, it’s a ghost-hunting podcaster, so there’s not much you can add to the mask with this look, without the mask looking tacky.

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However, the mask is part of a complete set, an elegant touch to a set that gives it a mystical allure, so the ease isn’t really an issue.

7 Elodie Rakoto

Elodie has a simply cute and elegant mask with a bold bloom of feathers, The Trickster shows a thing or two about the peacock. However, the design of the Eiffel Tower, which is likely a nod to her Parisian upbringing, looks a bit on the nose.

Then again, masquerade masks are supposed to stand out as much as they need to be hidden, so perhaps the gold Eiffel Tower on her face is on the safe side of being too much.

6 Jane Romero

Jane is a reporter par excellence, but that’s not really a job that you can fit into a stylish mask, so the designers took the safe route and gave her a really nice looking mask.

The blue rose is a beautiful centerpiece, as it not only makes the mask eye catching but may be the only reference to its tradition i.e. it evokes the blue desert rose, captured by The Entity in the middle of the desert.

5 Yui Kimura

Continuing the steampunk look that Miss Speedway created for the Blight event, this mask features the beautiful brass and rivets the style is known for. It’s also one of the few Twisted Masquerade masks that have lenses in the eyes, giving Yui a blue look.

In an intriguing, if hard-to-see sight, the glass on the glasses is a spider web, which calls to mind how motorcyclists, even those as skilled as Yui, can end up falling apart.

4 and the huntress

One of the more underrated lupine masks of the bunch, it actually looks like something The Huntress would wear, but fancier. She was used to wearing animal masks, so maybe designing this wasn’t a huge leap.

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It is well designed, the shiny gold close to being glowing blue on the snout which breaks it down nicely. This mask also has black lenses that give the impression of a soulless killing machine.

3 the artist

As the artist, Carmina Mora will probably feel at home in a masquerade and as a maid in The Entity may also feel at home in the Twisted Masquerade, with all its pomp, circumstance, and meaningful masks.

Her mask is all wings, which makes sense given her association with crows and when it comes to being large and showy, she rules the roost. The gold and blue colors work well with her black and red outfit, with the golden lipstick and the shiny black color markings on the face part bringing it all together. She also has one of the best Morris in the game.

2 Dwight Fairfield

A queen is a queen, but there is a lot of power in being an idiot. And no DBD fool is greater than Dwight Fairfield, whose lore has him stumbled across the world of The Entity after being dumped by some of his co-workers.

In society, he is considered a bit of a lovable breech monkey, and the motley is a fitting crown for him. It somehow isn’t even the funniest mask of the bunch saying volumes about how good it looks.

1 Deathslinger

this is. This is the worst and most designed Twisted Masquerade mask. It’s almost perfect, in fact, and a perfect fit for the cowboy-era resident bounty hunter/bounty hunter.

It’s a scary piece for sure, because it’s basically a gilded deer skull wearing a cowboy hat.

The golden and blue look of the Twisted Masquerade doesn’t really dampen its effect, because it’s still pretty scary, just fancier. Hopefully they’ll give him a matching outfit one day, because he’ll probably clean up fairly well and look intimidating when he shoots you because you fired Hex: Retribution.

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