All Shushire hidden story locations in the Lost Ark

If you like a good dose of RPG knowledge, missing coffin Certainly delivers. The overall main story continues across continents as you explore and level up, while a host of side quests enrich this even further. But perhaps the best part is the little tidbits that you can find in the hidden stories in each area.

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Shushire has the standard seven decks to uncover while exploring this frozen continent. Two of them span more than one area, one of which requires you to make your way through most of the dungeon to complete it. But they all have generous time constraints. To find any sites you may have missed, read our guide below.

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Letter to my friend – hidden story site in three parts

You’ll want to start this at the Frostbreath Gorge Triport in Icewing Heights. But Note that it is a three-part story, and the second two parts are inside the Labyrinth of Mirrors. We suggest that you have already completed it at least once before trying to complete this story, so that you know the lay of the land. You have one generous hour to get to the second part inside the maze after collecting the first.

From Triport, head slightly southeast and hop down. At the bottom, turn left (north) at your first chance, then follow the narrow path that heads down from the stone steps northwest toward Miragekeep. At the bottom of the steps to the right of the track, just before the area opens, you will see some bags on the ground. Check here to start the story.

I went back the way I went up the stairs, across the area there south, then along the long road heading southeast to Maze of Mirrors (or a triple across if you were worried about the time). Enter the dungeon on the difficulty level. Follow the story as it takes you to the northeast, and finally open a road that runs to the northwest. Keep following as it turns from southwest to the next room, then southwest again. Between these two rooms, you will find the second part of the story, written on a stone tablet. From here, again, you have one generous hour to find the final chapter.

Now complete this area of ​​Maze of Mirrors by defeating the Maze Gatekeeper. This opens a new path that takes you to the Northeast. You will be attacked as soon as you reach the next room. Once you defeat these insects, Walk to the north side of the room, and you will see a book on the floor. This contains a short note that concludes a letter to my friend.

The Day the Hunter Died – The Hidden Story Location of Three Parts

This is a three-part story, with the first two parts located quite a distance apart from each other on the Iceblood Plateau – and the third in the adjacent Icewing Heights. You have a generous 20 minutes to get to each next clue. But be aware that if you don’t get to the next clue in time, you’ll have to start over. The first part is just to the left of the track as you enter the Iceblood Plateau. You will see a burning tent with an unlit torch just outside it. There are some glowing animal tracks on the ground beside the torch. Investigate them to start the story.

Climb up and ride northeast through Camp Graymoon, then east toward the gate to Icewing Heights. Just before the gate, north of the path, you will see scattered animal bones – And above them another set of glowing animal tracks. Click on it to complete the second part of your search.

Finally, head through the gate to Icewing Heights – or better yet, if you’ve already explored the area (recommended), teleport to Gray Wolves Camp Triport there. Leave this area next to the ice bridge in the southeast and continue through the area you reach towards the rope slide on the map. Don’t take it – instead, Follow the edge of the cliff west until you see a frozen object on the ground. Check the body to deduce this sad tale.

Faith’s Edge – Iceblood Plateau’s Hidden Story Location

Teleport to Frostpeak Temple Entrance in the north of the Iceblood Plateau. Leave the area west and follow the path as it turns south and then east through the Plague Demon Territory. When you finally reach Graymoon Fortress, search for A gap in the wooden defences leads down a slope north into a small supply area. The supplies are on the right, but there is a large metal screw stuck in the ground on the left side. Check this out for Faith’s Edge’s story.

Foul-Mouthed Baker – Rigens Village Hidden Story Location

Start at the Rigens Village Triport and take any of the trails to the northeast. Pass the steps to Bell Tower Plaza and continue northeast past the couple at the lamppost on your left. only after them, You will see a note on the floor next to a cat’s water bowl. Read on to learn more about baker’s bad breath.

Sincere Love – Bitterwind Hidden Story Location

Gateway over the Southern Triport Basin in southeast Bitterwind Hill. Head north between the columns and up through the deserted village, and head east after going through the broken well. Follow the trail as it begins to turn southeast, keeping your right side (west) as you go. When the path begins to widen a little, you will find this hidden story On the ground after a burning torch and a long cage.

Shushire Boys Location – Rigens Hidden Story Village

This hidden story has two parts. After you find the first part, you will need to find the second part within 20 minutes, or you have to start over. But since both parts are located in Rigens Village, there is no time pressure. To find the first part, head northeast from the Rigens Village Triport and then northwest down the steps to Bell Tower Plaza. Stick to the left past the people in the middle of the plaza and look for more wooden steps that go down. Turn right at the bottom, and You will find the first part of the story written on the wall At the end of the two trees.

Now head back to Triport and leave the village square below the steps to the southwest. Below, head straight southwest again and down another short set of wooden steps. Turn right at the bottom to the corner, where A piece of paper on the floor The Shushire Boys story will conclude.

Tarsila Lullaby – Hidden Lake Eternity Story Location

This is a three-part story, which gives you 20 minutes after reading each part to find the next. All parts are relatively close together in the Lake Eternity area, so this should be plenty of time. But remember that If you fail to reach the next part within the specified time, you will need to start over. Start the story by heading to Logging Camp Trip. Leave it south at Logging Camp, turning left at the fork when you reach the tent and campfire. When you see a little fire burning, go straight south – and you should come to another tent with a cauldron cooking on the fire. Check here, in front of the tent, to get started.

Staying at the logging camp, drive straight west. You will pass adventurer Louis and reach a large rock covered with snow. Here, head north, and you’ll come up with a large ax in a wooden stump. Walk a few steps to your left, among the trees, and you’ll see a book on the ground. Read it to conclude the second part of the story.

Finally, you need to head to the Spider Queen’s Lair itself. From the second part, head south from the logging camp and follow the southeast path toward the bunker. Take the left turn heading east and make your way through the spiders heading northeast. You will eventually reach the northern end of the proper lair. once inside, Follow the western wall until you see a black skull on the ground. Scan in to complete the Tarsila lullaby.

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