Amazon shoppers call their $72 portable air conditioner a “must” for summer

This portable air conditioner in Amazon Canada includes a cool mist function when users add water or ice.

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The summer heat is looming, which means finding creative ways to cool off is a part of our daily lives once again. Spending an afternoon lounging by the pool or an all-day beach trip are great ways to feel fresh all season, but some days that just isn’t practical.

This is where this portable air conditioner on Amazon Canada comes in handy, making it the “perfect” summertime companion for some customers.

SHAALEK portable air conditioner can also be used as a fan, humidifier and night light.

SHAALEK Portable Air Conditioner can also be used as a fan, humidifier and night light.

$72 at Amazon

What is that?

This portable air conditioner from SHAALEK helps cool small spaces, providing a special cool mist mode that emits fresh air when paired with water or ice. But it’s more than a simple mini air conditioner: the battery-powered appliances act as a humidifier, a night light, and a regular fan.

Users have a choice of three adjustable fan speeds as well as a choice of LED lighting colours. The remote control and LED display make it easy to control the air conditioner, while the 4,000 mAh battery has a runtime of six to seven hours. But its “extremely quiet” operation seems to have hit the hardest among buyers.

It’s a “summer essential”

With a 4.4 star rating among Amazon Canada shoppers, this portable air conditioner is a summertime favorite. One reviewer claims that the cool mist feature makes a “big difference” in cooling, adding that it’s “much better” than regular fans.

Another “Very Happy” shopper agreed that it’s “much better than the average fan,” noting that it’s “strong” but “doesn’t make a lot of noise.”

But one customer was not too happy with the quality of the product, claiming that the air conditioner’s blades are made of “fairly brittle plastic.” They added that it was a “nuisance” when trying to clean the device, as they broke a blade while trying to do so.

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Although temperatures may still be bearable in the later part of spring, the excessive summer heat, no doubt, is on its way. It can be easy to wait until that sweltering day officially arrives, and join the flocks of sweaty, last-minute shoppers pulling fans and air conditioners off store shelves like Black Friday. But it can also be helpful to plan ahead and avoid any struggles with this portable air conditioner.

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