Amber Heard Just Got $1.05 Million Selling Her Home For $10.35 Million In Johnny Depp Pilot Compensation

If the Moderators needed to announce a winner and a loser in the Amber Heard defamation trial against Johnny Depp, Heard was the loser. The court ordered both actors to pay damages to the other, but Heard, who was ordered to pay Depp $10.35 million, had to pay much more than her ex-husband ($2 million). As she looks to get her career back on track, Heard earned $1.05 million selling her home to help her bank account.

Amber Heard | Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Amber Heard’s trial against Johnny Depp: Heard had hoped the verdict would be overturned

Heard’s lawyers filed a petition to overturn the ruling after the jury ruled against her. It didn’t happen for several reasons, and Aquaman The actor faced more legal struggles after the trial.

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