An L-shaped weekend house by Jacobsen Arquitetura that has close contact with nature in São Paulo

Weekend house in São Paulo designed by Jacobsen Architecture

Located on the coast of Sao Paulo, BrazilPS House by Jacobsen Arquitetura was designed as a compact weekend getaway Accommodation with garden and Pool. The house enjoys beautiful views of the natural environment and the nearby beach, while maintaining its privacy thanks to the lush vegetation that surrounds it. The project applies neutral colors and materials, while a series of wide windows and large balconies blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

Pool and garden house PS

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L-shaped residence opening towards the sea

In the beginning, Jacobsen Arquitetura (see more hereThe project started with the intention of constructing a much larger two-storey house. However, the client chose a one-story house that had a closer connection to the ground. Since the site is flat and rests on a corner with only two access points, the design team decided to adopt an L-shaped layout that opens towards the sea. In this way, the heart of the dwelling is free from visual interference, receiving the pool and patio with the best sun orientation. Meanwhile, a charming private boardwalk leads residents directly to the beach.

Featuring a steel structure, modest spans, thin wide eaves, wood ceiling, and granite flooring, the house presents a controlled scale, meant to be functional. The areas are designed to be as integrated as possible – the entrance hall, the living and dining rooms turn into spacious balconies when the large glass windows are wide open and face the pool and the garden. In addition, a game room, sauna and all service areas are on a lower level, using the slight tilt of the scheme to conceal them.

The social and private spaces are divided into two independent blocks both overlooking the courtyard with the garden and pool. A Jasmine Manga tree connects the two blocks and is located directly at the entrance to the house, accompanied by a small living area. Due to the compact terrain, the pool deck is connected to the social area and acts as a continuation of the recreation area. The block of rooms is raised relative to the courtyard to reduce ceiling height and make private rooms more welcoming.

jacobsen arquitetura connects the inside and the outside in this tiny house on the coast of São Paulo 5
The entrance to the stone-paved house is surrounded by the brutality of Deliciosa

jacobsen arquitetura connects the inside and the outside in this tiny house on the coast of São Paulo 9
The design preserves the privacy of occupants thanks to lush vegetation and foldable panels

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