“Angels” visit the father who lost his limbs after an oxygen tank exploded

Broward County, Florida. A father who lost his limbs when an oxygen tank exploded while working in Broward County was able to thank the heroes who helped save his life.

Lt. Joseph Bancak and other members of the Lauderhill Fire Rescue Department visited Don Juan Cooley on Tuesday at Broward Health Medical Center.

“The crew applied quick gusts to try to control the bleeding as best we could,” said Panchak, who was the first supervisor to respond.

Cooley arrived at the hospital by helicopter after his heart stopped beating and emergency personnel rescued him. His left leg and left arm had to be amputated, and he underwent several surgeries – yet he was very grateful on Tuesday. He smiled as the rescuers lined up.

“Hi, how are you all? Can I shake everyone’s hand?”

“I love you all so much… It could have been totally different… You guys will always be a part of my life forever. I want to make sure my kids know who you are forever. I want to make sure my kids know who you are you guys “.


Panchak said he’s grateful, too.

“We make a lot of painful calls, and oftentimes we can’t meet a patient and we end the call and put a real face on, talking to the person in a less chaotic situation,” Panchak said. “It really helps us all.”

Cooley has been hospitalized since the explosion on February 14. He had been working in the scrap yard for years and wasn’t expecting the tank to explode.

“Early every morning, I’d get up, beat everyone I could, find an air conditioner, find a piece of copper, and do whatever I had to do to support my family and my children,” said Cooley.

He was unable to work in the scrap yard to support his family. He said he believed it was a miracle that he survived with the help of firefighters.

“Angels! I tell you directly, pure angels. Every one of those faces, the angels… It shows that my hard work won’t go unnoticed. “Thank you all so much,” Cooley said.


He also said he refuses to give up on his recovery and looks forward to spending more time with his family when he is discharged from hospital.

“Drive, pick the kids up from school, take them places,” Cooley said. “I look forward to doing this again in the future…I look forward to walking into Lauderhill Fire Rescue and seeing these brothers every opportunity I get.”

Cooley also hopes that the feedstock will allow him to walk again and get back to work. He is looking forward to walking to Lauderhill Fire Department to show them. At the moment, there is GoFundMe fundraising campaign For anyone who wants to help support his recovery.

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