Animal Home: Theme Park Made Entirely of Container Houses

We already know that shipping containers can be used to build homes, offices or swimming pools. This raw material, which can be purchased new or used, is gradually becoming an alternative to traditional construction very popular with contractors and self-builders alike. In Jinan, China, architectural design bureau Qishe imagined a massive 4,048 square meter complex made of shipping containers. Its name: “Animal Home”, which is actually a type of amusement park, or shopping center that will allow visitors to enter Discover nature and get active And even go camping. Specialty restaurants are also planned. Shipping containers lead to everything! Presentation of this amazing “amusement park”.

The main challenge: reduce the environmental impact!

Set in a lush forest in China, the designers are keen to minimize the impact of the constructed buildings on the natural environment. they wish Better connect animal and botanical gardens And stimulate the visitor’s interest in an original concept. To implement their project, they used just over 100 containers, respecting the chosen location. The theme of the park was “The Kingdom of Wild Animals”, and it was necessary to design enclosed and colorful spaces, and to stimulate the children, the park had to look like a giant LEGO set!

Image credit: Relight Photography

space represents an animal

In this zoo associated with the animal world, each container block is assigned a type and color. So we find “pink flamingos”, “yellow tiger”, “black and white panda” or “dark blue snow wolf”. The designers seem to have gone back to childhood, and to fully perpetuate the “spirit of the game”. So the container units are all independentIt is accessed by small paths dug into the woods. Be warned, this does not appear to be a park where you can see animals…every space is associated with an animal, but it is a class of space. In every corner there will also be Restaurant associated with the animal’s name: Thus, we will find “Panda’s Restaurant” in the black and white square or “Lucky Elephant Camp” on the block of gray containers.

Attributes that designers want

Shipping containers offer several advantages to the design of this original garden, as the container blocks are spread over a huge natural space:

  • Flexibility in combination, construction and application.
  • Modularity and response to climatic requirements: Low carbon dioxide emissionssustainable development, carbon neutrality.
  • No use of artificial light thanks to the design of the containers with large windows.
  • Raw material reliability, in addition Recyclable and easy to disassemble.
  • Integration in nature.
  • Installation speed.
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Image credit: Relight Photography

The designers explain Desire to establish a wonderful dialogue between “small buildings” and “wonderful nature”. They also want to offer a new experience with our environment and our environment. This shipping container amusement park claims to be the world’s first, and it is clear that it will inspire other designers. In the proposed pictures, this garden seems to fit in the middle of the trees, it is really very successful!

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