Another victim of the Kaaba explosion dies in Abuja Hospital

Her employer and beer shop owner, Mr. Ladi Olorunfemitold the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday that Matthew Ebete was unable to reach the hospital where she was taken for treatment as she died on Friday morning.

Matthew Ebete was badly injured in the blast, which explained why she had been referred to Abuja Hospital for proper medical care.

“Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t do that and she passed away this early morning. When we got the news we were devastated.

She was a very humble and hard working girl. Her death came as a shock to us.

“As I speak to you, we are at the cemetery to bury her in Kabba. We will miss her.”

“It is very unfortunate and painful that we have lost her at this time. Even more painful in attacking my premise is that five members of her family have been affected, including the father, Commander Matthew Ebete,“He said.

According to him, Just yesterday Thursday, we buried one of the victims by the name of Aisha Ibrahim of Oken.

The deceased’s father, Matthew, 75, also described his daughter’s death as “Very surprising and painful.”

“As you can see I am not strong, because I was also a victim of the explosion. I have to leave the hospital bed to prepare for the burial of my daughter when the news reached me.

“We will miss her warm love, hugs and family support at this critical time in life.

“Only God will avenge those who planted the bomb that exploded and killed my daughter and left me and wounded three of her brothers.” Father said.

NAN news agency reported that on Thursday, one of the blast victims, 37-year-old Aisha Ibrahim, was buried in the Kaaba.

The blast, which occurred on Wednesday night in a brewery in Kabba, has sparked debate over whether or not it was a bomb or a gas explosion.

While the beer store owner and some of the victims said it was a bomb explosion, the Kogi Police Command said investigations indicated it was a gas explosion.

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