Apartment rents in D-FW rise 10-15%

DALLAS, Texas — SmartCity, the nationwide apartment locator service founded in Dallas in 2013, told WFAA Monday that rents are rising on average 10-15% across the metro.

All of this comes as homeowners start to protest high property valuations thanks to the overheating Texas housing market.

For weeks, the WFAA has been receiving emails from renters stating that lease renewal offers are increasing anywhere between $200 and $400.

Sandy Rollins, executive director of the Texas Tenants Federation, told the WFAA Monday that her office is currently helping a 66-year-old man from Garland who has seen his rent increase by $800.

His rent went from $1,000 to $1,800,” Rollins said. “Rent is very expensive right now, and it’s driving up evictions as well. They’re not separated. And people who start looking for a new place are having the same problem.”

Rollins, who has advocated for rent control in Texas, says renters don’t have many options.

No statewide rent control means that landlords can increase rent however they want and as much as possible.

Local governments can pass rent control measures during a residential disaster emergency — but the governor must sign them off.

“That’s excluding subsidized housing,” Rollins said. “There is no cap on rents. Nothing says it has to be linked to the CPI, nothing says it should be linked to what you can afford, no matter how long you might live there. There is nothing that says you can’t be dislodged if you can’t. bear it.”

Tim Page, D-FW market leader for SmartCity, told WFAA that people on the metro have seen their rents rise by between 3% and 5%.

“It’s totally insane now,” Paige said. “In some cases, it goes up by 20%.”

Page has helped hundreds of people move into Texas or a new apartment if they don’t want to overpay anymore.

He says there are a lot of things driving the rise.

“D-FW is becoming a more desirable location, so rent is naturally increasing,” Page said.

From July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2021, it was estimated that the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex added about 97,290 people to the area. According to the Census Bureau, this was the largest increase in the country.

The increase in the number of people moving here has contributed to a booming housing market statewide. Home prices are on the rise due to a limited supply of housing – and as valuations increase, so too are the property taxes that landlords pass on to tenants.

“Two years ago, the starting point was $900 for a one-bedroom apartment, now it’s $1,200,” Page said.

“We don’t have a magic wand to make this better – but we do the homework for customers and show them what would be the best bang for the buck.”

And the homework – apparently will continue to pile up.

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