Archie and Lilipet have play dates with James Corden’s kids

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be raising their children in Montecito, California, but there is still a bit of a British connection there for them. Namely his British colleague James Corden, who has been friends with Prince Harry for some time. The former two obviously enjoy play dates with their kids at times, which hopefully means that 3-year-old Archie and 11-month-old Lilipt might have a few cool British accents. How cute could that be?

Late Late Show Talk to the host the sun About his continued friendship with Prince Harry, though somewhat envious, of course, like any good friend. He admitted that it was at their home in Montecito, where his three children and his wife Julia Corden spent some playing time with Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor.

“It was kind of a play history scenario [with the kids]’ he said. ‘And then we went out to dinner after that, and it was great. I obviously don’t tell you that anymore. significantly.”

Corden teased the famous Oprah Winfrey with an intimate interview with Prince Harry in February 2021, in which the two friends shared tea on a bus, and criticized the theme song for The New Prince of Bel-AirAnd I talked about fatherhood. So it’s nice to see their friendship continuing.

Prince Harry told Corden at the time that he kept some quintessential British traditions as a father, including making a little tea for Archie in the evening before putting him to bed at night. This bodes well for Archie’s upcoming triumphant return to the UK to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee at the start of June. Harry and Meghan have confirmed that they will bring their two children to London to honor Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years of service to the throne, which will be the first time for Lillibet in her father’s hometown. In fact, the little girl is likely to celebrate her first birthday while visiting London.

Archie, of course, was born in London and spent the first few months of his life living at Frogmore Cottage. Seems like it was enough time to give him a bit of a British accent, as he heard during his parents’ podcast episode in 2020 when he wished people a ‘Happy New Year’.

Good to know that the Sussexes keep the British connection alive with the Corden family’s play dates. It is a great homework for them before their triumphant return.

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