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If you are looking for an Architect in the Blackpool Lancashire area, don’t be afraid of options, we are here to help you.

While there are many architect firms operating in this area of ​​the Northwest, we can guide you in finding the right firm for your scheme.

When starting your search, consider the following:

Does the engineer have experience working on your type of project?

Do they clearly understand your goals?

Do they have a good reputation and excellent ratings?

There are many other points to check, but the picture will become clearer when you start your search. It is important to find the right Architectural Designer for you in Blackpool and we advise you to speak to several who have the right background.

This beautifully proportioned contemporary extension of a 150-year-old home in Leyland, Lancashire was executed by Anyon Architecture & Planning of Preston.

Architecture in Blackpool

Blackpool became fashionable at 18y A century in which roads were built and carriages began to arrive in the city. at 19y century, the railways brought more visitors and from the early 20y century, a huge infrastructure was built for the holidays. Between 1856-1870, attractions were built including a walkway, two piers, and winter gardens. The first lights were turned on in Blackpool in 1912 and electric trams were installed. Built in 1894, Blackpool Tower houses the Tower Ballroom, and the Pleasure Beach theme park was built in the 20th century.

At its peak, Blackpool attracted 17 million visitors a year, but change was coming – 21St The century saw the introduction of the holiday package, forever changing the way people spend their holidays. Today, Blackpool mainly attracts daytime visitors to its Winter Gardens, Tower, and Pleasure Beach. In 1972 Blackpool Zoo opened and the city created new shopping centers and a marine life centre.

While there is a legacy of high-quality Victorian architecture, decades of decline and a poorly performing economy have led to high levels of deprivation. The council aims to regenerate the city center by 2027, through sustainable regeneration and diversification, and support new housing: the city’s poor building stock needs significant investment. High quality new homes and a mix of home types including affordable housing are being planned.

Blackpool Planning Policy

Sustainable development is a priority, and the council aims to see an average of 280 new homes per year.

Landscaping is high on the agenda because there is limited access to the countryside for casual recreation, which makes creating a wild or natural space important. Urban greening such as green roofs, terraces and walls is also encouraged.

Contemporary and innovative design will be supported where appropriate, along with proposals to transform and reuse buildings, particularly those that reflect Blackpool’s social and cultural heritage. The reconfiguration of heritage assets is encouraged, and important historical assets must be protected in any new development.

Why hire an architect?

The engineer can bring original ideas and an expert eye to the project. It is possible to involve an architect for only specific parts of your scheme, such as creating concept drawings or architectural drawings needed to obtain planning permission.

Architects may be employed to advise on necessary planning approvals, to prepare construction drawings for builders to quote or deal with builders and to administer the construction contract, ensuring quality and cost control. In some cases, the architect will manage the entire project from the planning process to the point of delivery.

An architect can add value on many levels – for example, by identifying savings through attention to detail and calculating the most efficient use of space in a design. They will also be familiar with the local authority’s view of planning matters, such as its environmental goals and health and well-being policies.

The engineer can ensure that your project includes the required amount of Biodiversity Net Profit (BNG) if this is necessary to satisfy the planners. This may include simple details such as installing bird or bat boxes, or more complex procedures such as creating habitats. If your scheme needs an environmental survey, our article Environmental Surveys: What You Need to Know explains the process. Some layout applications will require bat scanning.

All British architects must be registered with the Architects’ Registration Board and most take membership of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Architecture Projects in Blackpool

Take a look at these stunning projects by some of our favorite architects in Blackpool and along the Feld Coast. They are all highly recommended and we hope their work will provide you with ideas for the type of architect you need to bring your vision to life.

Graham Lea Architects

Preston-based Graham Lea Architecture performs contemporary home extensions, commercial projects, barn and loft conversions, new buildings and feasibility studies and can handle listed building approval and building regulations applications.

They have excellent reviews and offer a complete architecture service to fit any budget, along with a proven track record of delivering complex blueprints in challenging locations.

This architectural design included a dated bungalow that did not take advantage of the great views. Priority was given to creating a family room that included a kitchen, dining and sitting areas. The interest in glass means that the final project maximizes views by using a steel frame system to create a large and bright entertainment space.

RAL Architects Ltd

The award winning Southport company has been involved in small and large scale residences for nearly two decades and receives great reviews for its attention to detail.

RAL Architects have a wealth of experience in various fields of architecture, and they say:

Our approach to design is to work in close partnership with our clients and put creativity, innovation, usability and value for money at a par.

This project included a group of four large detached homes in Victoria Place, Formby, Merseyside, which were built using three materials – rendering, brick and slate.

SDA studio engineering

Studio SDA Architecture in Chorley, Lancashire, has:

A passion for sustainable architecture in all its forms, whether contemporary or traditional.

This multi-award winning practice can deliver concept design, planning permission applications, technical design, project strategy and contract management, and garner five-star reviews.

This remarkable design, Goosefoot Barn, is a new luxury greenbelt building and had to meet exceptional design criteria to win approval. It is inspired by a hay barn and imitates the view from the road, an agricultural building. The subterranean partition, consisting of five bedrooms, makes it one of a kind, with glazing overlooking the open countryside.

Zab Architectural Engineering

Zub-Architecture in Lytham St Annes specializes in bespoke home designs and offers a wide range of architectural services. They have a range of five-star reviews and founder Thomas Zup said:

I believe that every architectural project, regardless of budget, whether it’s a new executive house renovation or a simple home extension, deserves the same amount of attention to detail.

This contemporary bungalow remodel included three additional bedrooms, open plan living areas and a garden extension. The textured and ornate wood cladding is finished on the ground floor and modern apex glazing to the master bedroom on the first floor. Zub-Architecture specializes in bespoke home designs and offers a wide range of architectural services.

SD . Consulting

Headquartered in Lancaster, SD Consulting offers flexible and affordable architectural services and packages, with a focus on residential work, local additions, loft conversions, eco-friendly homes, and retrofit plans. They obtain excellent ratings and can also provide advice and consultation, concept and feasibility studies, construction drawings, planning permission applications, listed building applications and building regulations applications. Here are four examples of their elegant work.

Next steps

We hope these amazing designs inspired and showed what is possible when you hire the right professionals.

We’ve shown just some of the prominent local architects who can handle everything from local extensions and loft conversions to commercial projects and major developments, as well as handling planning permission requests and project management issues.

Before you contact an architect firm, prepare the questions you want answers to. For tips on this topic, our article The Ten Things to Ask Your Architect may be helpful. When you decide which companies you prefer, schedule an appointment to discuss your entire project with them. Most practices offer a free initial discussion.

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