Arlington, Virginia, home for sale for $2.3 million


Developer Mike Brown left behind an unsatisfying career of flipping homes. His most recent project is this home in Arlington, Virginia.

“I always thought it would be cool to flip homes,” Brown said. “I even talked to my dad when I was in college, and my dad said, ‘No. Go to college. will not withdraw. So I went to college, got my degree, worked on Capitol Hill, went to law school, wrote for a judge, practiced law at a big firm, and came back to Capitol Hill. “

Around 2009, Brown decided to make another change.

“I had two young children, so it was like, ‘What am I going to do? bad well [flip houses]Brown said. “I met a realtor and said, ‘I’ve always been interested in house flipping. She showed me a house, and I said, “Okay, I’ll buy it and give it a try.”

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Arlington, Virginia, home | Mike Brown of KASO Developments expanded the Rambler in 1954. Listed for $2.3 million. (Derek Wavy)

His kids loved the first home he worked in so much that the family ended up moving in.

“I’m kidding with this guy who works for me,” Brown said. “My first home was a bachelor’s degree. My second home was a master’s degree. And the third house is where I actually made money.”

Brown named his company, KASO Developments after his two daughters, Katie and Sophia, using the initials of their names. When choosing a home to flip, Brown is less concerned with the profit margin than he is with the home’s history.

“I just love the stories of the house and the way home feels,” he said. “I can walk into the house and you just feel alive. That kind of dead. This has been a rental for 20 years. … This house, we walked into it, and I knew right away that I wanted this house because the people who lived there, they’ve lived there since the 1960s.” “

Little things drew him home, like the BB hole in the window. Brown wondered how much trouble the kid had been in shooting his BB pistol. He said the basement looked like something from the set of the TV show “Mad Men.”

“You can only see the limbs,” Brown said. “The house had a really great vibe. …What I like to do is walk around and think, ‘How can I improve on that, capture the spirit but update it?’”

The first thing he focused on was adding more natural light.

“What I really like is the idea of ​​taking something dark and making it bright,” he said. “That’s something I always find with older homes, especially homes built in the 1960s, they are very dark.”

The original 1954 home was a wanderer. Brown kept roughly the same footprint, expanding the house up and behind. He also added an attached garage with two cars.

The owner’s suite turned out to be a bigger project than he had expected.

Real estate agent “Melody [Abella] “I think I’m very determined, and I am,” Brown said. “But I listen, and I embrace ideas. …I understand my limitations. The biggest is the bathrooms because I was born.”

Brown said his gender is the reason he doesn’t think much about bathroom design. He was originally planning a smaller owner’s bathroom. He was persuaded to do a separate bathtub and a larger shower, which expanded the room.

The locker of the owner’s suite was another room he hadn’t thought much of originally.

“Again, I feel like being a boy I can’t imagine things,” Brown said. “What do you need for a wardrobe? You just need a bar to hang some things.”

Abella convinced him that the closet needed more than a rod for hanging clothes. Now she has built-in wardrobes and shelves. “I was nervous,” Brown said. “But then we brought him up and he’s like, ‘Oh, that’s actually kind of cool. “”

A distinctive feature of Brown’s projects is that he changes the plan along the way. The kitchen ceiling is an example. He switched from a flat roof to a vaulted roof once he realized it would make the space light and airy.

“I always feel like I have the power to tweak things,” he said.

The extended home has two bedrooms on the main floor and four bedrooms upstairs. Two additional rooms can be used as offices. The living room has a fireplace. The kitchen has an island with a quartz countertop, seating area, double wall oven and pantry. Downstairs has a wet bar and a fireplace.

In some ways, Brown has said that his current career is reminiscent of his previous life.

“I loved working on campaigns because I felt like it was a burst of energy and then I was done,” he said. “Honestly, I think this is the best experience to do what I do because I [flipping a house] Like the campaign. What you’re really trying to do is try to get people to work harder than they should and for less than they’re worth and you have that specific goal. … you finish it, and then, well, to the next stage.”

The six-bedroom, six-bathroom home of 3,800 square feet is listed for less than $2.3 million. The open house is scheduled for Sunday from 2-4pm

3109 Nottingham Street, Arlington, Virginia

  • Bedrooms / Bathrooms: 6/6
  • Square feet approx: 3800
  • big size: 0.31 acres
  • Features: Mike Brown of KASO Developments expanded the hiker in 1954. The house is located on a hill surrounded by mature trees. The kitchen has a vaulted ceiling, an island with a quartz worktop and stools, a double wall oven, and a pantry. Downstairs has a wet bar and a fireplace. Two car garage attached.
  • open house: Sunday from 2 to 4 pm
  • Registration agent: Melody Abella, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

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