ASYTRON Desk is a reliable portable workplace that you can use anywhere

ASYTRON Desk is a reliable portable workplace that you can use anywhere

ASTYRON Lightweight Convertible Furniture Version
Not another transforming furniture – this is probably your initial reaction upon learning about ASYTRON. Even the name is very Transformers, but you will probably love his mechanism as most pieces of furniture of similar inspiration.

Asytron is a lightweight transforming piece of furniture designed by two industrial designers from Germany. This mobile workspace is designed using a lightweight construction method. The design aims to solve many of the problems faced by digital nomads and those who spend most of their long hours in the home office or co-working space.

Designers: Felix Marx and Sebastian Mir

Asteron Lightweight Convertible Furniture Company
There are a lot of related products and concepts, so shopping for the right workstation can be a challenge. A mobile workspace should not only be portable as it should really work for the user. It must be strong enough for frequent transportation and frequent assembly and disassembly.

With more people having flexible work environments, it is only appropriate to make a personal space. This can be easily achieved with the many solutions we have seen. However, many different scenarios must be covered, including frequent change of site, temporary team spaces, flexible office/classrooms, portability, modularly expandable, functional, and space saving when not in use.
ASTYRON Lightweight Convertible Furniture Maker

ASTYRON Lightweight Transforming Furniture Project

Asytron answers all these concerns because it is dynamic, flexible, comfortable and even aesthetically pleasing. It’s a desk and chair in one but can be folded together to save precious space. It’s ideal for offices and co-working spaces where you can easily assemble, pack, and transport the item.
ASTYRON Lightweight Furniture Transformation Project
Asytron is really lightweight, thanks to the materials used: aluminum tubes and extruded aluminum profiles. As described by the designers, the Asytron comes with a cushioning configuration inspired by those racing car seats. It is comfortable, lightweight and solid. It’s modular so you can combine the pieces. It’s also comfortable with lumbar support and a lumbar spine. There is also a hinge that easily swings and flexes.
ASTYRON Lightweight Movable Furniture
Each piece can fit in a box when folded. Integrated features include USB cable reel, multi USB hub,
And an inductive charging station for wireless charging. With this thing, you can work wherever you want. You don’t just bring your laptop with you now you can bring your own table and chair. It is something that is needed these days because the pandemic is not over yet, and many people are encouraged to work from home, which means working from anywhere.
ASTYRON Lightweight Transforming Furniture
Asteron Lightweight Convertible Furniture Company
ASTYRON Lightweight Transforming Furniture Launched
ASTYRON Lightweight Transforming Furniture Items
ASTYRON Lightweight Transforming Furniture Design

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