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This week, I wrote a post about people sharing examples that prove how poorly made/designed modern homes are. The BuzzFeed community came up in the comments with examples of their own, which are very topical.


“White kitchens. I don’t get it. Also every shade of gray imaginable. Color is not a bad thing. Formal dining rooms and living rooms are superfluous and stupid. Give me more space to eat in the kitchen and a bigger family room – that’s where people would be. Also, lack of Or small storage spaces. Like, pantry, coat closet, garage.”

– Honey


“I hate when they make everything ‘built-in’—the TV, the microwave, the refrigerator. Forty years ago, things were made to last. Now, in the last five to ten years, you have to spend extra money on refurbishing a device or there’s a weird gap around it.”



“Concrete floors! Why do new homebuilders lay concrete floors all over the house? It’s as ugly and unpleasant a choice as flooring.”

—Big City Girl


“Use the full size lot for the house only. We like to enjoy the backyard.”

—Big City Girl


“Barn doors are ugly and useless! Stop putting them on every renovation or new build.”

—Big City Girl


“Open shelves in the kitchens for all the dishes, glasses, etc. Looks really cool, but imagine all that dust, dirt, and grease that’s going to settle on it. Yak!”



“I was recently looking for a home and coat closets were scarce, entryways lacked space for shelves etc. I’m in the mountains so everyone needs coats. Where on earth do they put them?!”

Moon inspector


“Every time someone breaks down a cute mid-century bathroom with colorful fixtures to make it a simple white hellscape with LED lighting, a piece of my heart dies.”



“Open concept homes. I don’t want to live with kitchen clutter. I don’t want to see my breakfast plates or crowded worktops when I walk in the door.”



“In new and modern homes, fixtures fall off; you’ll find plastic where metal should be; homes settle poorly and crack windows. There are major mold problems because they are overly insulated against cold, but not against moisture. I rented one of these disasters while it was I still have the money and just had to laugh at how things fell apart when I looked at them funny. It’s just for looks, once you move in you have a money pit.”

– faces hummer


“The cookie-cutter houses are stacked on top of each other. There’s no yard. You can open a window and touch your neighbor’s house.”



“White panel cabinet doors. The easiest way to make your million dollar home look like it was designed with IKEA.”



“Our new house was poorly constructed as well and we needed to replace the front door within a year of living there because the wood wasn’t handled properly, it was widened and the door frame broke a bit.”

– Junipero


“There are no medicine cabinets in the bathrooms, just a mirror on the wall. Also, the bathroom in new homes never drains properly.”

—Bates 6


“Not a driveway long enough to stop the car.”



“Snout house – where the front of the house is half a garage. They do this to cram as many small boxes into the neighborhood as possible. You can reach out and knock on your neighbor’s window while you are watching TV and your garden is the size of a postage stamp.”



“I hate open floor plans. I have a friend who only has one room downstairs. If someone is watching TV, everyone has to either watch it or go to their bedrooms. Worst house ever designed.”

—Marinas 6


“I don’t have a wash basin! Seriously, I need a deep basin to soak and hand wash things!”


Did they miss anything? What is wrong with homes today in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

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