Balkrishna Doshi receives the 2022 Royal Gold Medal from RIBA Architecture

Riba presents Balkrishna Doshi with the award of 2022 ROYAL GOLD MEDAL

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) formally introduced Balakrishna Doshi with the 2022 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture. The Royal Gold Medal was personally approved by Her Majesty, and awarded to the famous Indian engineer in a virtual ceremony hosted by the organization and President Simon Alford. This was followed by a virtual celebration, broadcast live from Doshi’s studio in Ahmedabad, India, and RIBA’s headquarters in London, UK, with a global audience tuned in online. The digital event was marked by honoring architects around the world, including Frank GehryAnd the Alvaro SizaAnd the Benedita Tagliaboaccompanied by a discussion of Doshi’s lifelong achievements and her architectural philosophy, as well as a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Over 70 yearsAnd the Doshi – who was also honored Pritzker Prize 2018 (Read our personalized interview over here) – completed More than 100 projects built. His work greatly influenced the progress of architecture in India and its neighboring regions through his practice and teaching. Born Balkrishna Bithaldas (BV) in 1927 in Pune, India, Doshi graduated from JJ School of Architecture in Bombay and went on to work with Le Corbusier For four years as Senior Designer in Paris (1951-54), and another four years in India to supervise projects in Ahmedabad. then work with Louis Kahn As a building partner of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, they have been collaborating for more than a decade. In 1956 Doshi established his own clinic, Vastuchelbawith two architects, and is now a multidisciplinary practice with five partners spanning three generations, and sixty employees.

Contribution of balkrishna doshi to architecture

awarded since 1848, usury’s Royal Gold Medal submitted to Balakrishna Doshi In a private virtual party in 2022.“I am pleasantly amazed and with deep humility to receive the Royal Gold Medal from the Queen of England,” Balakrishna Doshi said. “What a great honour! News of this award brought back memories of my time working with Le Corbusier in 1953 when he had just received the news of being awarded the Royal Gold Medal. I vividly remember his enthusiasm to receive such an honor from Her Majesty. He said to me metaphorically: “I wonder how much That medal would be big and heavy.” Today, six decades later, I feel truly overwhelmed by receiving the same award as my mentor, Le Corbusier – in honor of six decades of practice. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my wife, my daughters and most importantly my team and collaborators in My Sangath studio.

Combining avant-garde modernism and vernacular, Doshi’s buildings are inspired by a deep appreciation of India’s traditions of architecture, climate, local culture and handicrafts. Some of his main projects are: Shreyas Comprehensive School Campus (1958-1963), Ahmedabad, India; Institute of Indology (1962), Ahmedabad, a building to house rare documents; Ahmedabad School of Architecture (1966, with additions up to 2012), renamed CEPT University in 2002; TAjour Hall and Memorial Theater (1967), a 700-seat brutality hall in Ahmedabad; Primabay Hall (1976), Ahmedabad, India; Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore (1977-1992), Business School; Sangath (1981), studio for his architectural practice, Vastu Shilpa; Aranya Low Cost Housing (1989), Indore, India, winner of the 1995 Aga Khan Award for Architecture and A.Medavad ni Jova (1994) A cave-like art exhibition displaying the work of artist Maqbool Fida Hussein.

balkrishna doshi © pratik gajjar (also header photo)

The 2022 Royal Gold Medal Selection Committee, chaired by the Architect and President of RIBA Simon AlfordConsisting of Sir David Adjaye ObiArchitect and recipient of the 2021 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture (see more on Design Boom over here); Alison Brooksprinciple and creative director of Alison Brooks Architects; Kate ShineArchitect and Head of the Leicester School of Art, Design and Architecture at De Montfort University Dr. Joss Casely-Hayford OBEProfessor of Practice at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies in London and founding director of V&A east).

“It was an honor and pleasure to chair the committee in selecting Balakrishna Doshi as the 2022 Royal Gold Medal recipient,” Simon Alford said. At the age of ninety-four, he influenced generations of architects with his delightfully purposeful architecture. Influenced by the time he spent in Le Corbusier’s office, his work nonetheless is that of an original and independent thinker – capable of stepping back, redoing, and evolving. In the twentieth century, when technology made it easier for many architects to build independently of local climate and traditions, Balakrishna remained closely associated with its back ground: its climate, its new and old technologies and crafts. Balkrishna Doshi’s outstanding contribution to the architecture, craft of building and urban design practice makes him the most deserving recipient of this award.

Balkrishna Doshi receives the 2022 Royal Gold Medal from RIBA Architecture
Tagore Hall, Ahmedabad, taken in 1967 © The Vastushilpa Foundation

Balkrishna Doshi receives the 2022 Royal Gold Medal from RIBA Architecture
premabhai concert hall, Ahmedabad, India © Vastushilpa Foundation

Balkrishna Doshi receives the 2022 Royal Gold Medal from RIBA Architecture
amdavad ni gufa in outer Ahmedabad, India. Photo by vinay Panjwani © Vastushilpa Foundation

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