Barfield Hotel Reopens Celebrates Successful First Year

The Barfield Hotel on Thursday held its first anniversary, in celebration of the reopening of the historic building originally constructed in 1926 by owner Melissa Dora Oliver Eckel.

Re-opened last year, the 10-story building at 600 S. Polk St. It has remained vacant for the past 30 years until it reopened and renovated as the West Texas Luxury Hotel, which includes many of the building’s original elements, such as tile floors. Lots of the building’s original character with cowhide accents and old Amarillo photos. The bar has been kept hidden with a private entrance from its previous owner.

The Barfield Hotel celebrated its first anniversary on Thursday with a celebration featuring live music, food and drink in downtown Amarillo.

During Thursday’s event, food, drink and music were available for everyone to enjoy, as well as the launch of Barfield’s signature candle.

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Patrick Dougherty, General Manager of Barfield Hotel, spoke about the impact of a new luxury hotel in downtown Amarillo and the hotel’s overall success to date.

People from all over Amarillo turned up on Thursday for the Barfield Hotel's one-year anniversary party in downtown Amarillo.

“Amarillo is a hotel town, and the community really needs a luxury hotel like Barfield,” Dougherty said. “We just wanted to bring something different to the hotel scene, and our strong occupancy showed that this was something that customers wanted. We’ve had a great response from people who travel and stop in the area.”

Dougherty said people have been pleasantly surprised by the experience and history they are getting from the Barfield Hotel.

The Barfield Hotel in downtown Amarillo held its first anniversary celebration on Thursday.  The Sixth Avenue entrance has a lighted skylight located directly above its hidden niche.

Beth Duke, Executive Director of Amarillo Town Center, spoke about the event and the hotel’s importance to revitalizing downtown Amarillo.

“You know, Barfield’s first birthday celebration really raised our civic pride,” Duke said. “This is a luxury hotel in a historic building that has been empty for decades. Bringing this back in has got everyone excited about the future of downtown. This is at a crossroads for our country, and could not be in a better place to help make Downtown flourish.”

Patrick Dougherty shows the secret entrance to the VIP room at the Barfield Hotel during Thursday's anniversary party in downtown Amarillo.

Duke spoke glowingly about all the restorations and use of many of the original elements using historic tax breaks that give the hotel a true breath of its original history that began in 1926.

A cauldron plaque with the history of the historic Barfield Hotel building is located at the back of the dining area in downtown Amarillo.

“The way it’s been restored, it’s been restored to a higher level and elevated the look of the hotel for downtown,” Duke said. “They used the original stairs, windows and tiles, which make this hotel special. They did a great job making Amarillo proud, and taking the service to the next level.”

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