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Large shower in a modern bathroom.

Bathrooms remain one of the most requested rooms for remodeling, as style and needs change over time. From timeless materials to new cabinetry colors and room designs, homeowners are looking to update their bathroom spaces to make them more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

One of the most important trends that has continued in popularity is vintage design in place. Most people like to stay indoors as they age, but safety and comfort should remain their top priority. Details make the difference here Widening door openings for pedestrian or wheelchair access, and larger showerheads or minimal showerheads are particularly important features. In terms of safety, consider items like grab bars, a bench in the bathroom, and textured tiles for added slip resistance.

Another trend we keep seeing from fixture manufacturers is matte finishes. Whether it’s matte black or matte gold (yes, gold is back!), these colors help bring modern elegance to a space. With a light background, elegant black fixtures are elegant and modern; And matte gold, also known as champagne bronze, is a far cry from the shiny copper that most people are desperately trying to stay away from. If you’re brave enough, you can even mix finishes; Black and chrome work great together, while dark bronze and champagne together provide an updated, traditional look.

Another trend we’re seeing is warmer wood accents. Especially in cabinets, the stained finish gives this modern door style a sleek, updated look. We also see teak wood accents in showers, including shower seats, stools, or bath mats. You can also bring the look of wood in the form of floor tiles. As rustic-modern style remains popular, preference is turning toward more natural finishes and materials with clean lines.

One of the things I encourage clients to open up about is the unique vanity mirrors and lighting. These items can really show your personality and help define the style of a space. There are practically an endless number of options, so find a design professional to guide you to the right size and look to balance your space. Gone are tablet glass, build-grade mirrors, and statement-making mirrors.

Tile, marble, and concrete looks are still popular. Actual marble is not recommended for bathrooms due to its porosity and high maintenance. But manufacturers have created ceramic tiles that look like marble, so you can get the same elegant effect. Porcelain tile manufacturers have also mastered recreating the look of stone or concrete in tiles, for a more modern or industrial look. Again, these are due to the popularity of nature and include natural or natural looking materials.

Cool grays are slowly fading in popularity, giving way to warmer grays and taupe. These warm grays can be combined with the choice of tiles, as well as the cabinets or wall color. White remains a classic and popular choice for bathrooms as well. An all-white bathroom is a clean and timeless look, especially paired with a wooden vanity to add some warmth and not feel too sterile. The color returns, too, often in the form of natural earth tones. Think green, terracotta, yellow, and even blues. Beautiful tile options are available in these colors today. Or, if you’re afraid to stick with colored tiles, choose a color to paint your wall. It changes easily if you are tired of the color.

In addition to material trends, we’re also seeing trends in terms of shower needs. More and more people are removing their huge garden or jetted bathtubs from their master bathroom and replacing them with a large tiled shower. I hear all the time from people who use their large bathtubs for storage or wash the family dog ​​instead of the actual bathrooms. For those who still enjoy bathing, they are replacing the old standard tubs with freestanding soaking tubs or air massage tubs. Pneumatic massage technology uses forced air to create a milder effect of tubeless Jacuzzi and old-fashioned jet drains for a more easy-to-maintain sanitary system.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, each person’s style and needs are different. Some are looking for an updated look while others need a more functional space. It’s ideal to work with a designer or remodeler when remodeling a bathroom to maximize your space and come up with ideas you haven’t even thought of.

Photo: Courtesy Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling

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