Battle over how to fight over Raw: Protests at judges’ homes fuel hate

But critics say the protesters should not be present at all. Some Republicans have pointed to the Federal Act of 1950 that provides that any person “with the intent to influence any judge” who “sitts or marches in or near a building housing a courthouse in the United States, or in or near a building or dwelling so occupied or used” The judge “would be in breach of the law. The Justice Department declined to comment when asked about potential prosecutions.

“You must vigorously investigate and prosecute the crimes that have been committed in recent days,” Senator Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, wrote in a letter to the Department of Justice. “The rule of law requires nothing less.”

The protests were not limited to Washington. Over the weekend, Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, called police on protesters who used chalk on the sidewalk outside her Bangor home to write a letter asking her to support abortion rights legislation. Two churches in Colorado were vandalized last week with spray-painted messages “My body, my choice.”

History has shown that protests – even those that make people uncomfortable – are sometimes necessary to bring about change, said Rebecca Overmere-Velazquez, a professor at Whittier College who focuses on global social movements. She referenced the civil rights movement, when college students like John Lewis, who became a congressman from Georgia, were arrested dozens of times for sitting at white-only lunch counters and in other protests against Jim Crow-era laws in the South.

“I am not convinced that the line is whether it is legal or illegal,” said Ms Overmere-Velazquez. “I think the question is: Will this decision really affect our lives very seriously? And it is without a doubt.”

She said the question was not whether the protests were legal, but whether they were “ethical.”

Mr. Biden has faced this kind of question before.

After demonstrations and riots erupted in the summer of 2020 after the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, the Biden campaign has repeatedly condemned the violence and looting. And last year, advocates targeted two Democratic senators who obstructed Biden’s domestic agenda — taking kayaks to protest near the yacht of Senator Joe Mansion III of West Virginia and following Senator Kirsten Senema of Arizona into a university restroom.

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