Berkshires estate in Novogratz is a bohemian dream full of art

Contrary to what you might think, the photo above is not, in fact, a hippie Ralph Lauren ad from the 1970s. Instead, it depicts a stylish, realistic Novogratz family preparing for a typical weekend getaway at their colorful country house in Berkshires.

Husband and wife duo design Robert and Courtney Novogratz They are certified renovation legends, pursuing their passion for beautifying spaces by handling high-profile real estate from New York to Los Angeles (and beyond). They have chronicled their projects in a number of books, starred in a couple of reality TV shows, and have even branched out to develop their own. home decor production linesFrom furniture to wallpaper to the latest window treatments in collaboration with shadow shop.

And while they have worked with countless clients and commercial properties over the years, the crown jewels of Novogratz are undoubtedly the spaces they created for their family of nine. Not the least of which is Berkshire’s beloved escape.

They explained, “We found this house after 9/11 and were looking for a safe haven for our family. We were in midtown Manhattan with four kids at the time and we were looking for somewhere not too far from the city.” . “The house was built in 1917, and it was very dilapidated when we discovered it. It needed a lot of love.”

Love has been earned!

After a number of luxurious new renovations and additions (including a sauna), the dreamy bohemian home has become the embodiment of the Novogratz family: cool, imaginative, funky, and fun.

‘There are many antiques throughout the house that we adore. We love antiques! For example, the open dining room features an antique chandelier and table from France, and the mirror above is an antique find too. To make the room our own, we paired the vintage pieces with artwork to Graham Gilmore”.

“We always incorporate art into every project, especially when it’s our home, including our children’s bedrooms. They understand that we must value and respect art. Pieces in the home include Adelaide Sionney, Anne Carrington, Jean Eleni, Graham Gilmore and one of our favorites, Portrait River Phoenix by Diego Uchitel.

The latest home update includes window upgrades from their new collection of shadow shop. “We’ve been collaborating with The Shade Store for nearly 20 years and this is our third major collection with them and our favorite. It’s based on a house we’re designing in the West Village (the famous Pink House) that’s old New York meets Parisian Flair, or Wes Anderson meets Gucci. It’s bold. and bright, but we always include a neutral option in every style.”

Care to take a look inside? Click for a tour, or try it for yourself – when the Novogratz family isn’t in town, the stunning property Available for rent. Trust us, you’ll want to move on.

[Photos by William Waldron courtesy The Novogratz]

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