Best 1080p Home Security Cameras

Security cameras have made setting up basic security measures for your home a lot easier. If you opt for 1080p base systems, they can also be quite affordable. Even better, it’s easy to set up, all while doing an excellent job of letting you monitor your dwelling even when you’re away.

Having an indoor security camera is a great way to reassure yourself that all is well when you leave the house for extended periods, all while alerting you when potential problems arise. When it detects something isn’t right, like an intruder, it can instantly send an alert to your phone, all while the footage is being recorded, so you can have a complete history of what happened. Some cameras can help you scare off intruders with built-in sirens and two-way calls.

In our opinion, these are the best options in HD home security cameras under $100.

Wise Camera V3.0

This third-generation model is one of the best values ​​in home security cameras, shooting 1080p videos with a 110-degree field of view, though it’s not panned, so you’re stuck in whatever surroundings it actually focuses on. Video quality is impressive for such a reasonable price, delivering one of the best shots we’ve seen, especially for scenes with more challenging lighting conditions. They offer free rolling cloud storage for 14 days of short 12-second clips, all while letting you store footage directly on a microSD card, so you can keep videos 24/7 without having to go out for the subscription. It has color night vision, so you can watch videos in low light without having to settle for black and white footage, and with two-way communications allowing you to talk to anyone in the house. Note that there’s no battery in this thing so you’ll have to plug it in at all times, which we think is the trade-off for the admittedly low price. Other features include an IP65 rating (yes, you can use it outdoors), motion and sound detection (with adjustments for zones and sensitivity), IFTTT support, and smart AI detection that makes alerts much better (you need a subscription, though). Of course, security concerns about Wyze cameras surfaced a few months ago. While it has been fixed, the time it took to fix it wasn’t impressive, so you might want to consider that when you shop.

Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P22

Eufy has a cumbersome selection of security cameras. Seriously, it looks like they’re trying to cover all over the place. Our choice of 1080p primary monitor is this IndoorCam P22 model, which captures Full HD video with a 125-degree field of view. The onboard infrared LEDs allow 32.8 feet of night vision in black and white as well, so you can keep up with what’s going on in your home day or night. While cameras in this price range tend to be stationary in their circumference, that’s not the case here, as it has a motorized swivel mechanism that allows for a full 360-degree horizontal panning, all with a 96-degree vertical tilt.

It comes with two-way audio, so you can talk to anyone in the house, while a microSD card slot lets you store 24/7 video clips locally (supports up to 128GB). Despite the low price, it has a full range of features, from voice and motion detection to built-in siren and support for voice commands (Alexa and Google Assistant). It also has some pretty impressive AI capabilities, like cry detection, motion tracking, and pet detection (at which point, it can run a pre-recorded pet command). Seriously, it’s impressive for a cheap security camera. It’s completely indoors, and requires a wired power connection. By the way, if you want clearer video, the 2K version of this camera costs only $10.

Arlo Essential . Indoor Camera

While Arlo makes arguably the best 4K security camera, we’re focusing on its lower offerings here in the form of the Arlo Essential model. This camera captures sharp, colorful 1080p shots with a 130-degree field of view and 12X digital zoom, with the ability to shoot in black and white night vision in low-light conditions. It can detect sound and motion, at which point it sends instant alerts and starts recording to make sure you get a video account of what’s going on, although you’ll definitely want to set up motion zones via the app to ensure any false positives are minimized, as they can be very sensitive.

It does not come with free video storage (you will need a subscription for that). However, if you’re using the Arlo Smart Hub, it can save snapshots to a USB drive attached to the hub instead, making it a viable alternative for people who aren’t fans of recurring subscription fees. Features include two-way communications, wired power, and a built-in siren, so you can scare away any potential intruders with sound.

Google Nest Cam

This security camera can shoot 1080p at 30fps with a 135-degree field of view, with exceptional night vision, so you can get good visuals in any lighting condition. The real-time video is sharp and consistent, with virtually lag-free transmission, while the audio is equally good, although there is a little echo at times. The default recording time is set to just 30 seconds (most likely, to increase the three hours of free rolling video storage), so you don’t get a lot of snapshots for spontaneous recordings, requiring you to go live to play back a longer recording. The recording quality is very good, although we feel it could have been better (some details don’t come out quite clearly), but it’s still good enough that you can shoot just about everything in the scene.

Not only does it detect movement, but it can also distinguish between people, cars, and animals, and facial recognition (it can tell you who’s home) is also available as part of the optional subscription. Naturally, it fits seamlessly into the Google Home ecosystem, albeit in an exclusive capacity, so you’re stuck with the platform if you’re using this one. Other features include two-way communications, optional alerts when the camera hears beeps (such as when a smoke alarm goes off in the house), and the ability to record up to an hour of video when Wi-Fi drops. This is fully connected, so you will need to keep it connected to a power source.
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