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Comfortable bed with elegant wooden bedside table with lamp shade in black.

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Why buy lampshades?

If you have a lamp, but your lampshade looks outdated, has a spot, or generally feels slick in your space, you may want to consider replacing the shade. Or, if you just scored a beautiful lamp at a used sale and need a cover to liven it up, you’ll want to check out some great lampshade options.

What should you consider lamp shades?

  • fitter: You will need to make sure that the lampshade you choose is compatible with the type of lamp base mounting. The spider plant or harp is the most common, and sticks to a piece above the bulb with one end. Install mechanics are connected directly to the lamp.
  • Matter: Look for a lampshade made of a durable, long-lasting fabric, such as handwoven linen. The material can also add to the aesthetic you’re looking for in your space. For example, if you love a nautical/coastal style, consider a rope or jute-wrapped lampshade to match that aesthetic.
  • appearance: There are many shapes of lampshade available, such as bell, oval, cylinder, square or rectangular shades. This light can disperse differently and add subtle pattern with rounded versus sharp edges, so choose a design that suits your preferences and space.

What are some tips for caring for your lampshades?

It all depends on the material of the lampshade. If it is made of fabric, remove the shade and remove as much dust as possible using either a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. You can also use a lint roller for light cleanings. You can soak the shade in soapy water to remove large stains and rinse it quickly using cool water. Next, you’ll want to blow dry it and let it air dry before putting it back on the lamp base. If it is made of paper or parchment, you will not be able to use water; Alternatively, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust. For glass lampshades, it’s OK to put them in the dishwasher or a tub of warm, soapy water with white vinegar added (for degreasing); Then rinse and dry it by hand.

Our picks for the best lampshades

traditional design

ALUCSET mini lamp shade

Made of natural linen, this simple yet beautiful lampshade adds texture and style to your table or floor lamp.

Positives: If you have a table or floor lamp that needs a makeover, this lamp shade is excellent. It uses spider mode and will require a ukulele for easy installation. This lamp shade diffuses light without the effect of yellowing, adding a touch of softness to your room. All in all, this lampshade is a great value for the dollar.

Negatives: The color of the lampshades is different from the pictures online.

minimum: With a variety of styles and colors, this lamp shade may be just what you are looking for. Quality and texture details make this lampshade a great piece.

Best pleated design

Positives: This lampshade will add a little visual fun to your space with its foldable design. Made of polyester cotton canvas with a white polystyrene inner lining. It has a spider mount in a brass finish and comes with a harp and finished grommet to complete the look of the lampshade.

Negatives: It does not allow as much light to shine like the others.

minimum: If you are a fan of classic design, then these beautiful lampshades may be for you. The white/ivory color matches perfectly with traditional lampshades, making it an excellent replacement for an old lampshade that may be fading.

More unique design

Positives: Creating an array of shades, this lamp shade transports you to the great outdoors. The outside is black and the interior is golden, dimming the light. The metallic material makes this durable and long lasting piece of decor that will make a statement.

Negatives: This lampshade does not come with a liner.

minimum: If you are looking for a beautiful lampshade that creates beautiful shadows on the ceiling and walls, this is a unique and fun choice.

A great option in the shape of a drum

Positives: These lampshades are double-packed during shipment to avoid damage in transit. They reach true color – even the whitest white has no yellow undertones, unlike some other lampshades. The two-pack is a bang for your buck if you need more than one to match.

Negatives: These lampshades are on the shorter side.

minimum: Consider these if you’re looking for a quality pair of bedside lamps that won’t break the budget but get the job done.

Gorgeous three-level design

Positives: Unlike some other similar shades, this lamp shade requires no assembly. It opens before your eyes – install it in the E26 light fixture, and you’re good to go. In addition, there are many neutral tones and patterns to choose from that should suit most everyday living spaces.

Negatives: This lampshade is very heavy. You will need a sturdy base if you are using it for a floor lamp.

minimum: This stylish looking lampshade will enhance your room in minutes. The three-tiered pattern is great for beachy, modern or industrial style spaces. Due to the quality of its materials, this lampshade is a steal.

last thoughts

Many lampshades on the market vary in size, shape, material, pattern, and color, so you’ll never have a problem finding one that fits your style. Some lampshades even make you feel like you’re staring at the stars, enjoying the soft glow of a sunset, or relaxing in the wilderness. Sky is the limit!

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