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After more than 40 hours of reporting, looking at dozens of locks, and interviewing eight locksmiths, security experts, and locksmiths, we’re confident that the Schlage B60N single-cylinder lock is the best front door lock for most people. It has the highest forced entry resistance certification available, is extremely difficult to lock, affordable, easy to find, simple to install, and is widely recommended.

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Beat the B60N

Resistant to forced entry and stealth, easy to buy, and widely recommended, the Schlage B60N is like a housing version of a high-security deadbolt.

The Schlage B60N is essentially a residential version of the high-security deadbolt lock. Rated Class 1 by ANSI/BHMA,1 Which means it has passed the same hammering, staring, sawing, picking, and kicking tests as the toughest hardened safety locks Schlage has ever produced. The experts told us that the B60N is extremely difficult to lock—which, frankly, isn’t a huge concern anyway, since a top-tier lock like this is secure enough that a determined thief would be more likely to skip it and find another way into the homepage. We asked four locksmiths to choose between this Schlage model and a similarly qualified deadbolt lock from Kwikset. They voted unanimously for Schlage.

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Strike Plate Battalion

Everyone we spoke to—locksmiths, security experts, and locksmiths—said the Boost Strike is the most cost-effective security upgrade, and the Battalion is a winner.

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*Price was at the time of publication 13 dollars.

The strike plate is the metal slot where the sturdy lock engages with the door frame – and not all strikes are the same. The best type is known as a booster strike, and installing one of them is a cost-effective security upgrade that experts consider to be just as important as the padlock itself. After thinking about a dozen, we settled on Battalion Strike Plate: it’s affordable, simple, tough, and very similar to the punches that many high-security breakers come with. That’s because, like them, it features an integrated, metal-lined screw hole, which adds strength against kicks and other forms of forced entry. It is also fixed to the door frame with four screws; Many standard batting boards use only two.

One complaint: The screws they come with are only 2 inches long, when 3 inches or even 4 inches is much better – you may want to find longer screws for a stronger attachment to the door frame. If the battalion was not available, then the Prime-Line U 9539, which we also looked at, will be almost identical.

If you’re looking for a guide to deadbolts that can be controlled via an app or smart home integration, read The Best Smart Lock.

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