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1. Home Depot

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The challenge that comes with a trip to The Home Depot is not finding what you need. Instead, he tries to avoid the allure of rows of colorful plants, lanes of twinkling house lights, and paint sample walls while searching for that tool you think you might need to fix the house.

It’s all too easy to get distracted by the assortment of goods and supplies inside the big, lovable store, and it may be best to use the many tools at their disposal to make a plan before you head to the store. First, download The Home Depot app on your phone. Find the project calculator, which will help you figure out how much of an item you need, whether it’s wallpaper for the bedroom or boxes for movement.

If you want to handle the project on your own, you’ll find app guides as well. Use the lists section of the app to keep track of what you need and take that on your shopping trip, then switch the app to storage mode so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

The app’s coolest recent feature, though, is the truck and tool rental feature. If you need big tools, like a chainsaw or pressure washer, you can actually rent them through the app and then get them at the store. Plus, you can rent vans, vans, and moving vans through Home Depot as well.

– Liz Ohanesian

2. Lowe

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For some people, home improvement projects are fun. For others, it’s a headache. Either way, twist your back.

If you’re interested in learning how to tackle DIY projects, sign up for an in-store class. Topics include drawing tricks and how to build your own farm-style table. In addition to an extensive supply of household goods and supplies to liven up every space in your home, Lowe’s offers a good number of services to help you along the way. These range from assembling products and parts for you to complete installations.

Last year, Lowe’s launched the Livable Home program to help people modify their homes for easier access. You can schedule a virtual home evaluation with a certified geriatric specialist in place who will help you and your family decide what upgrades to make and how Lowe can help you.

3. Construction surplus

1800 E. Dyer Road, Santa Ana; 949-502-0040;

Builder’s Surplus 120,000 square foot showroom in Santa Ana is the perfect location for kitchen and bathroom projects. Founded in 1969, the family-owned company focuses on excess storage and liquidation pieces, including factory-assembled kitchen cabinets and bathroom sinks, stainless steel farmhouse sinks, bathtubs, worktops and more.

The inventory is huge, with only 40,000 cabinets in stock, and a wide range of styles of cabinets, vanities and worktops to choose. The showroom is open to the general public, so you can head here whether you work with a contractor or do it yourself.

If you’re dealing with a solo project, be sure to download the scaling guide and get all the necessary information together before heading to Builder’s Surplus so you can get the best help you need.

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